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Shonen Knife Shonen Knife Lyrics

Last updated: 11/23/2000 03:47:40 AM

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Good morning Shonen Knife freaks!
All the people in the world have been waiting for
Shonen Knife's new album
White, black, yellow, everybody
I'll present it for you now

Ozonic stratus has been destroyed
The earth became warmer
But we'll go and go and go go go

Ultra eccentric super cult punk pop band Shonen Knife

Nick Lowe, Costello, Beatles
Redd Kross, Ramones, Buzzcocks
Shonen Knife is a cult band

Every every everybody! Shonen Knife!

Violence, military power, atomic energy
Here comes the end of a century
But we'll go and go and go go go

Mockn, Jonathan Richman, XTC and more
Shonen Knife is a cult band

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