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Natalie Imbruglia Shiver Lyrics

Last updated: 05/15/2011 11:00:00 AM

I walk a mile with a smile I don’t know I don’t care where I am
But I know it’s alright
Jump the tracks can’t get back I don’t know anyone around here
But I’m safe this time

Cos when you, tell me, tell me, tell me stupid things, like you do
Yes I, have to, have to, have to change the rules, I can’t lose

Cos I shiver, I just break up, when I’m near you it all gets out of hand
Yes I shiver, I get bent up, there’s no way that I’ll know you’ll understand

We talk and talk around it all, who’d of thought we’d end up here
But I’m feeling fine
In a rush never trust you’ll be there, if I’d only stop
And take my time

Cos with you, I’m running, running, running somewhere I can’t get to
Yes I, have to, have to, have to change the rules, I’m with you

Cos I shiver, I just break up when I’m near you it all gets out of hand
Yes I shiver I get bent up there’s no way that I’ll know you’ll understand

What if you get of at the next stop?
Would you just wait as I’m drifting off?
And if I never saw you again, could I, put all, of this, aside

Cos I shiver, I just break up when I’m near you it all gets out of hand
Yes I shiver I get bent up there’s no way that I’ll know you’ll understand

I shiver, I shiver,
Cos I shiver, I just break up when I’m near you it all gets out of hand
Yes I shiver I get bent up there’s no way that I know you’ll understand

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Back Boom Boom Sarah Bix | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/13/11

THing that gets me is in the filmclip right at the start she is wearing a leather jacket and thats i think because i mentioned to the producer to wear a guys leather jacket because my fathers probable favourite thing is his leatherman and his leather jacket. Anyway she also throws some identification and or wallets into the fire and this ideas stems from the idealogie that my father had passed on so to wear his jacket as a sign of respect and that you did infact once love him like any young child would. And the ids in the fire are either his or yours or both of them put together to walk forward in a new sence of light, as of moving on and putting to rest the life you once had with your father and now without even your own identitie thats why i say maybe both wallets. So she has no new name as of yet and has just put to rest her father. She goes to a gararge she dosent seem to familiar with this is because she is not as it is at her fathers work area as he would of left all of her things and ways and means to get help or get around or for himself also. THe guys in the car following her are people who are from the fathers work him being a engineer. As high up or however he made his work he was sucessful at his job and did international work which actually keept the economy of Japan running through the early 80's
and gave millions transportation of such. THere after her because maybe something like when her father dies then his true fidelelity in his craftmanship will show and she will become a high profile. Also everybody envolved in the buisness will want to go to the buisness. THats why she takes the cover off the car and breathes in second nature in knowing that its all to much and she has to remain calm and know that she must be quick, smart, or just know that somthing is about to embark. And you can see it on her face that she knew the car was coming down the road for her other wize she wouldnt be on the run like she was and i simply adore this look on her face this is my most favourite scene of the clip. THis is the part where im at know. Im about to do something im about to take off maybe go for a cruise or a chase, but dont forget i am real keen to make music of my own music and world apprecrciate if commonwealth banks could close down again so i can take out a lend of some money, or win tattslotto or just make it happen like i am going to. Again many thanks for Natalie Imbrulgia for taking the time to sing my song and go so such length to entail the script to the movie and all the work, people who were involved and copious levels of better refining my little song piece whch errily feels like a strage epasode of a dream. And copywrite that will you new lyric of mine Strage episode of a dream.

ORiginal songwriter given to Natalie... | Reviewer: Sarah Bix | 2/26/11

Hi if you are allowed to print my name you can its Sarah Bix and i wrote this song in approximately 2002 just after my 21st birthday. I hope you do print my name as i have had a hard time embracing and idoling everything that went right with this mad song. I knew we had a good chance at top 100 and even top twenty was what i was hoping but i thought to go no one it would have to come from a new artist. I handed over the song in a night club carpark were i cryed for four hours and pleeded with my boyfriend to either go to bed with me or just love me or something stupid, but when he didnt budge, i thought i should give him a gift something special from my heart something that couldnt be turned back and something that would hit him like a bullet in the heart and with the sucess of it he would be forever sorry that he did not pay me the time of day so i could raise a level and be a princess even though he would know that i had if not made it but at least deserved it . Yes so you could say it was quite jilted, but this song wasent to come out for a few more years if correct as i wasent even notified, but did happen to see the filmclip i think twice when it came out. The thing that amazed me was that the film clip even had exact things in it that i had suggested but it it had been fully written and acted out like a little movie of me and her together sharing the same identie. If you havent heard on the grape vine yet that i am the writer or met me on a train or on the street and heard of my poor story i would bee suprissed as i have probably told 100 people. there always goona be a lot to do with this case scenario and how the song came about but i know if you out there Rosie blud you should get back to me about royalties like you told me a year or two ago. Because now I am homeless and on the doll, my time is up and if i dont get the money now you can have it but i am relly batteling and DOINg MORE Harder than ever my poor heart is bleeding and if not i might have to wite a song about how i wrote the song that wrote the song that made me shiver and just felt like the woorld was telling me to give away this song to natalie imbrulgia. I am geting old and tired and simply just want a roof over my head a few inemities and a studio forever last beacause i want to make music as i even have more music ready to go with no sound. Yes my musical background I play classical piano my favovourite music is ragtime or honkytonk, i find jazz a bit to hard but did play trombone in a jazz band for four years and toured Port Auther.Stay tuuned and thankyou imenesenly for all the support and internet hits on the song just with words as of some following sign or sign of respect. So I know your all out there waiting for me to get rich and happy and happy
in love if this guy dosent want to respest me and help me i know i can do it with out him, but still thank him the underground DJ who gave Natalie the song at th national choice kids awards where he was working and so was she. I thank hem for beliving in the song as honestly it didnt look mutch on paper and know as i do remember correctly which i have missed is that the song was not completed and i wrote the chorus and wrote te trancript to the song yet did not get to compose te sounds with would be played but yes I did make the melodie and some of the verses but not all of them. so yes sorry Natalie if youy have got me misstaken by telling people i wrote the complete song but yes you have been yet again captured in my heart and soul as a beatiful angel messenger of god. Stay tuned maybe for more infomation on where and why the song was written, or if i have met you somewhere and told you feel free to send in a media article or something somiulAR AS I AM A BIT SHY AND WOULD LIKE TO KNOW PEOPLE ARE DISERNGED WITH ME AND WANT ME TO BE SAFE AND SO DO I. AS MOST OF EVERYTHING TO TO WITH MY FAMILY IS IN THE PAST NOW.I am living now day to day and hope to be on face book asap today and hope to get my own iphone and internet. Peace love and unity and stay true no matter how good or bad take the good and the bad and dont be scared to hear something sad or troublesome take it all in as we all go through highs and the lows known as the fall. Please Rosieblud let me live my life as i dont think the money can even be used by you if it is royalties for the respecteted copyright owner whith we both are say you me and Natalie, or whether you are Natalie or the dj maybe weel never know but i dont think i can ever write such a good song as this.

Great and bad. | Reviewer: Colin John McGill | 6/18/10

"Shiver" is one of Natalie's most soulful and etherial vocal performances.The Lyrics are among the best i have ever heard and definately among the most sonically interesting ,this world class songwriter has created.However,Musically i have a problem with the Chorus.I am songwriter myself{but am a "ghostwriter"and avoid Publicity of any kind}. in 2002,i wrote a song called "i know she won't",its Chorus is identical both musically and Vocal melody wise to"Shiver".Two years later tried writing songs with thieving OZ guitarist Brett Kingman and played him that Song,which was such a big mistake.However,i have no intension of taking Legal Action against maestro Imbruglia and her collaboraters{and never have} for fear of tarnishing the reputation of one of Australias most respected writers.Also i have never mentioned this to anyone apart from this Forum,which Natalie has Control over.I have Terminal Liver cancer and have only 8 to 10months to live at most,so i don't want any more stress in my life.Also i have been a big fan of her work for many years.C.J.M from Rosebud West

Smth about her songs | Reviewer: Rosa | 6/18/07

Natalie and her songs are great!! There are so much quotes, I love it !

Incredibly catchy, masterfully produced... and Nat's voiiiice | Reviewer: fedtho | 6/10/07

I've listened about 10'000 times to 'Torn'. 'Shiver' instantly caught me... then I found it wasn't that great. Now, 2 years after its release, I'm coming back to it, bought it online and have been listening to it three times a day.
Like someone said above, Nathalie has a really amazing control over every word she sings, alternating between caressing, edgy, whispering and what not. Fortunately, superior recording quality renders her subtle interpretation faithfully.
The arrangements are nothing revolutionary, but do their job in supporting and underlining the quite beautiful sines of the melody.
I have finally found who Nathalie's timbre and inflections remind me of: Olivia Newton-John in some of those ballads she was so excelling at... does that make sense to anyone?

Shiver | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/7/05

I didn't feel this was as good as her previous stuff at my first listen, but I soon found myself singing the chorus at random moments. I love it now, totally addictive. Even better because she actually co-wrote it. Beautiful lyrics, beautiful tune.

Once again well done Nat | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/5/05

I really enjoy this song. I am totally addicted to it

"Shiver" | Reviewer: c.l. | 4/3/05

This is a great song, which is really catchy and powerful. It really makes you think about what your listening to. Natalies' voice is amazingly controlled and has many unique qualities e.g. strength, good range, clearness and dynamiques. This song and artist are definately in my top ten. - Catherine from Muswell Hill

Another great track from Nat | Reviewer: Andy | 4/3/05

Not many artists I will happily pay money for as soon as a new album comes out but Natalie is just one of them.

Great track, suits her great voice. Her best song to date IMO

An amazing effective and simple song that is sung beautifully | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/5/05

Natalie Imbruglia's voice is beautiful to listen to. The notes in the chorus are very catchy and the repetitiveness in the song also makes it hard to forget. Do yourself a favour and listen to this amazing song.