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Her name, Ambrosia Parsley, has been there since birth, the
music nearly as long. No memories go back any further than
her dad and his brothers playing guitars and singing out on
the porch. Country classics, mostly, and the occasional
spiritual. Nothing out of the ordinary for a string of West
Virginia boys, though they did stick out a bit once the
family relocated to the San Fernando Valley. Then there's
Nanny, her mom's mom, who now, into her 70s, still takes
the odd gig playing old-time favorites (and "one by David
Lee Roth") on More...

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Review about Shivaree songs
The endless dance | Reviewer: Chinwe
    ------ About the song Little Black Mess performed by Shivaree

The artist describes a desire to change but an inability to do so. A yearning for a saviour who might appear in the form of a lover. One who forgives the darkness and pilots the miscreant into the light. It also hints at the inability of the saviour to achieve success. The miscreant initially plays along giving birth to hope in the saviour but always plunges back into darkness. The saviour getting fed up threatens to walk away but the miscreant acts in desperation to keep the saviour loyal to them recreating this dance that goes on forever and ever…. Please visit my blog for detailed info

from the book | Reviewer: steve nasgbu
    ------ About the song Goodnight moon performed by Shivaree

the lyrics of this song are reminiscent of the book by the same title "Goodnight Moon" in which a child describes what is in its room. but this version takes ghoulish turn and spooky. the melody is really beautiful and the voice so appropriate. the song was very well recorded adn produced i expected it would be a bigger hit than it was. it was also so appropriate for hte Kill Bill movies. freaky fact -- i started listinign to this song and found a few days later that david carradine had died in hong kong

Love it! | Reviewer: Lucy
    ------ About the song Goodnight moon performed by Shivaree

I love this song, since the very first time I've heard it! Kill Bill is one of the greatest movies of all time .

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