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Jacksonville, Florida, has enjoyed a long and stirring rock
and roll tradition. From the time the seminal guitar crunch
of Lynyrd Skynyrd first put this vibrant city on the rock
and roll map, J-ville has played an integral role in the
on-going evolution of contemporary music. Now a young
Jacksonville-based hard rock band named Shinedown appears
ready, willing, and more-than-able to add another exciting
chapter to their home town's noble rock history book.

As proven throughout their debut album, "LEAVE A WHISPER,"
vocalist Brent More...

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Review about Shinedown songs
This song is shit | Reviewer: Ant
    ------ About the song Simple Man performed by Shinedown

I hate this song. My neighbour plays it every day at full volume in his rattling asbestos shed. It is a simple song for simple c*nts. I hate it. He whistles incessantly and sings along out of key and makes me want to throw bricks at his head. I hate this song.

My EX | Reviewer: Cj
    ------ About the song Some Day performed by Shinedown

this song reminds me of my ex and all the good times we used to share. but then one day everything changed, it felt like the love we use to have wasn't there anymore. like we didn't even know each other anymore. everytime I listen to this song I can see her face smiling back at me through the Computer screen. like she's telling me its okay, and that I can finally move on with my life.

my childhood | Reviewer: Cj
    ------ About the song Bully performed by Shinedown

I can relate alot to this song because I was bullied almost my entire life. I believe that its an Anthem for all those who were bullied or are still being bullied. its are way of saying how we're sick of being stepped on and fed up with all their bs. I was raised to never back down from anyone, and don't plan on starting now. so bullies, if your reading this, my message to you is pick on someone your own size....AND GROW A PAIR!

WOW!!! | Reviewer: Cj
    ------ About the song Call Me performed by Shinedown

man could i relate so much to this song, you can really feel Bretts emotion when he sings it. it reminds me of my ex and how i lost her becuse of my Addiction to painkillers. she was the love of my life. I miss her every day. and not a day goes by that i don't think of her.

Story of my life | Reviewer: Anoymous
    ------ About the song If You Only Knew performed by Shinedown

wow, if there was one thing I could say about this song, it would be that its basically my life story in music form. I cry everytime I hear this song cause it reminds me of My ex and how much pain I put her through the last three years. She was so good to me but i let her slip away. I wish she knew how much I love her. I feel terrible about what I did.

45 years | Reviewer: SK
    ------ About the song 45 performed by Shinedown

I love the song and being in my forties I believe it is about growing older. Not staring down the barrel of a 0.45 caliber gun but staring at the future and the inevitability of growing older and the importance of passing on things learned to children and realizing there is another life in our future and we must leave our youth behind.

Interpretation | Reviewer: Kristaps
    ------ About the song 45 performed by Shinedown

It ssems that many people associate this song with their relationships. I may be wrong but to me it seems that it is about World War II. 45 = 1945, barrel of a 45 = barrel of a gun, swimming through the ashes of another life = going through a world or a city in ruins, always condoning me = big men in suits blame the soldiers, in these times you`re doing what you`re told - no need to explain this.

Emotional... | Reviewer: Amit
    ------ About the song What A Shame performed by Shinedown

I totally agree with this song. This song makes me feel emotional towards helpless, beggers and all who need help.CUZ It's really a shame on us who can't even TRY to understand their feelings, and with this we judge their life as nothing.

imo | Reviewer: Josie
    ------ About the song 45 performed by Shinedown

What he ment was not a literal .45 but 45 as in the world as he sees it. There are a lot of ups and downs of life. You take life as you see fit. I have lost a child and it brought me down rock bottom down rock bottom and wanted it all to end to be with him again but i knew that there is way more that i needed to do here including be here for my other children. When you get that down there is always something to live for. Think of the positives and not always the negative t will help you in the long run.

Please read | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Second Chance performed by Shinedown

Please people don't committ suicide, I understand for some people it's too hard to live their lives. And they may have been abused or hurt in some inamagionable. But instead of dyin' y'all could join the military or help the people in third world countries.

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