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Who cares for the life we've earned?
Someone's sold all the truth you've yearned,
Remember when we used to shine
And had no fear or sense of time
When it creeps up on you

You can't cry now there's nothing to feel
No one's noticed our loneliness
Remember when you should have teased
And made us scream eternal joy

I believed that you'll always be here
'Cause once you promised a life with no fear
Please don't break my ideals
And say what's fake was always real

Hope was the one now I'm gone
Take me back again

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perfect | Reviewer: reyasem from indonesia | 8/22/12

i have this kind of behaviour,whenever i got some new song,i will listen to it and it only,till i get bored. Only this song (and few others) which i cant get bored with.(sorry for the bad english)

Muse :) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/24/11

heard this for the first time last night...and i cried. and i cannot stop listening to it. literally, on constant reply. i don't know what i'm feeling, happy, sad, shaken. gah! muse always puts me at a loss for words. and the way matt sings the word 'gone' at the end kills me. oh and the fact that it's called shine, but in the acoustic version you can hear thunder and rain, such a beautiful contrast. bless muse. <3

:) | Reviewer: Blissbaby | 5/20/11

Omm (oh my muse) this song is actually so amazing. Honestly im listening to it right now:) its a truly beautiful song, like most of muses songs it makes you feel the notes and words...i love muse <3 they are the best band in the universe:)

Shine the "SUN" | Reviewer: normajean | 12/6/10

I totally agree with the other comments .. this song is phenomonal!! it's actually a song about the sun and the trees and how we as humans used to have hope! no one listens to the cries anymore of the earth and how easily we have forgotten about our envirnonment! we were the ones who promised life with n o fear and we should take HOPE back again!!

Amazing | Reviewer: Itay | 4/8/09

When I heard this song I was completely amazed. I mean, muse is one of best bands ever, the meaningful lyrics, Matt's voice, the music itself,... simply briliant!
This song is a beauty, I LOVE it!

Cheers from Israel!

Shine | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/4/09

Simply amazing, one of their diamonds in the rough. You can't really appriciate it if u dont listen to all of it. even the songs that aren't released as singles are great by muse. The best bands are the ones that put effort into ALL the songs, not just the songs that are gonna b singles. This is a great song, with passion, sung like Bellamy truly cares about what he is singing.

Great. | Reviewer: L | 12/12/08

I've heard the Acoustic version, and it's powerful and amazing and one of their best, I mean seriously, for being an "extra" track.

I recommend if you haven't heard it to go to their site and listen, because it's THAT good.

Umm | Reviewer: Mursu | 8/18/07

Isn't this song called Shine Acoustic? At least it says so on the Hullabaloo soundtrack. Great song though, as expected from Muse.

Amazing | Reviewer: Paul | 7/10/07

I honestly believe that there is a Muse song out there to describe every emotion you will ever feel. This song is phenomenal. On the surface it sounds like a slow and dreamlike chorus, helping you to drift into sleep. However, it has such a deep and powerful meaning that it makes one almost weep.

The bottom line is: never underestimate a muse song, not even a B-side

Lovely song | Reviewer: Kira | 6/23/07

This song is absolutely amazing (but hey it's Muse, of course it's going to be great), I can't believe no one's commented.

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