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Sheryl Crow was born on February 11, 1962 in Kennett,
Missouri to a family immersed in music. Her father Wendell
Crow played trumpet in swing bands before becoming a
lawyer, and her mother Bernice taught piano. Sheryl began
piano lessons at age 5, and growing up on the music of
artists such as Christine McVie, Elton John, and Bob Dylan,
she composed her first song at age 13. She went on to major
in music at the University of Missouri in Columbia, and
while there, she became part of a rock cover band named
Cashmere. After graduating, More...

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Review about Sheryl Crow songs
Rock-a-doo-doo yeah! | Reviewer: Akatsuki
    ------ About the song Real Gone performed by Sheryl Crow

I like the movie cars the songs and the themes. i wanna be that tough singer and first i saw the real lightning mcqueen is no car at all! he is just assembled cars of ford gt40, pontiac firebird, dodge viper, the body is chevrolet corvette 68 and his speed is mclaren mp5

picture | Reviewer: Rumessa
    ------ About the song The Picture (feat. Kid Rock) performed by Sheryl Crow

I loveeeeeeee this song.. it makes mee a lil upset and its about my past that I'll never forget.. its like once i got hurt and it will never erase from my heart!! somethings are never forgotten!

A Bit Off | Reviewer: Gary
    ------ About the song Easy performed by Sheryl Crow

Sometimes I need to go to websites that publish lyrics because I can't understand artists all the time. I'm amazed that most females understand every lyric of every song.

The lyrics printed here for Easy by Sheryl Crow start off way out in left field! Even I can understand the opening lines to be "We SAID this summer we'd go down to Cancun BUT no money makes that kind of hard to do." The rest of the first verse has more errors too so you should go somewhere else for lyrics if you want the right ones!

Memories! Bitter but Sweet. | Reviewer: Joe
    ------ About the song The Picture (feat. Kid Rock) performed by Sheryl Crow

When I first heard this song it touched my Heart. I was happy and in love but it was a deep passionate song. Good melody and good rythum. I still miss the young woman I Loved so dearly she will always be a part of me. This song however gets me thinking about Spokane and the Love I lost there. It is so easy for us to get wraped up into ourselves and not notice how we are hurting or leading others. So here is to Tami in Spokane. Everytime I think of You I want to tell you I love you and I forgive you.

reviving it | Reviewer: jordan
    ------ About the song Tomorrow Never Dies performed by Sheryl Crow

i just got the habit of listening to this song again and i've been doing so for the past 3 days. heard lots of bond theme songs but i would say this one is the best! the arrangement is superb, when the bass enters it exudes all Bond and yes, Sheryl delivers this one like no other.

Looking at the Rat Race | Reviewer: Jeroen
    ------ About the song All I Wanna Do performed by Sheryl Crow

Besides the fantastic groove,the song describes perfectly how Sheryl and Bill look at the Rat Race we're all in. She relativates in a sort of "helicopter view " which actually is a bar with ofcourse alcohol. It's not her who needs to drown her sorrow as stated by Paul. She has a clear picture, and she's telling us to slow down and enjoy life.

Deconstruction | Reviewer: Hmmmm
    ------ About the song Strong Enough performed by Sheryl Crow

I have real problems with this song. The disavowal of any responsibility for bad behaviour, the presentation of emotional blackmail as justified by some unexplained suffering. And the payoff? Lurve! Are you dumb enough indeed...

those who cant soak go choke | Reviewer: Dan
    ------ About the song Soak Up the Sun performed by Sheryl Crow

i love the song ..the magic i think lies in its simplicity .no racing wierd images just simple gud music n nice lyrics.those who enjoy the sound of their puke more ..go choke .n listen to the sound u love more

Exhilarating indeed | Reviewer: Paulinus Nnadi
    ------ About the song The First Cut Is The Deepest performed by Sheryl Crow

I am in the same page with those who think that the music is all about a particuler breakup between two lovers. But one thing I have to say there is that the man should adjust to the second woman, not just looking for someone that will give him the same kind of love he was having with the first one before they broke up.

Have some fun | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song All I Wanna Do performed by Sheryl Crow

@Paul: the lyrics for this song are based on a poem published in 1987 by Wyn Cooper. See: for a good copy. And relax. And have some fun. And live a little.

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