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While nearly every modern-day rock band is greatly affected
by rock’s iconic songwriters, very few bands aspire to rise
above fad-status and achieve something great. Sherwood is
one of those bands.

Since forming in late 2002 as college friends in San Luis
Obispo, CA, Sherwood has developed a reputation for being
one of the most industrious bands in their league. They’ve
booked multiple nation-wide tours and enjoyed immense
success with their self-released EP, making fans wherever
fans could be made. Whether they’re meeting people at More...

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Reviews about Sherwood songs

Amazing Band Amazing song | Reviewer: Tim
    ------ About the song The Town That You Live In performed by Sherwood

Sherwood is pure genius. The song with an amazingly attractive sound incorporates multiple musical bits that sound meant to be where when used in any other way would be horrible. Not to mention the subtleties in the song such as the slight chord change on every 2nd chord in the main progression and on the 4th of the first two...

Song in my head | Reviewer: Brooke
    ------ About the song Song In My Head performed by Sherwood

this song is pretty much nothing less than amazing. it reminds me of my ex boy friend oddly enough

favorite song ever! | Reviewer: Blane
    ------ About the song Song In My Head performed by Sherwood

this is the best song ever.. it never gets oldd. adn i am just in love with itt!

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