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Kenny Price Sheriff Of Boone County Lyrics

Last updated: 04/27/2009 11:00:00 AM

Yeah I don't take no lip with this cannon on my hip
Let me tell you boy it ain't no toy
I wear a hat just like a mounty I'm the sheriff of Boone County
Be careful boy cause you're in a heap of a trouble boy

If you're tryin' to push your Caddy from Nashville to Cincinnati
You have to come across Boone County line
As you're drivin' through you better mind your P's and Q's
Cause this here stretch if interstate boy is mine
Now you might outrun my old Chevrolet but you can't outrun my own two way
Lion's awaitin' at the station to hear from me
Now you're gonna be a wishin' I believed in extradition
Cause I'll chase you all the way back to Tennesee
Yeah I don't take no lip...
[ steel ]
So far I guess you been lucky but now you're in Boone County Kentucky
And I don't know how things are in Tennessee
I'm the roughest you ever saw around here I'm the law
And it's been that way since back in '43
Yeah I don't take no lip...
(I run the grocery store down there and I pump the gas and I'm the dogcatcher too yeah
The judge that's me put up your bond for you if you like
And if you happen to wreck your car on the way to the courthouse)

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History behind the song - Sheriff of Boone County | Reviewer: Karen Collins Barstow | 4/24/09

Kenny Price lived in Florence Kentucky. At a football game was Mike and Melvin Collins (twins) and Kenny Price's son were playing, Kenny came up to the current Sheriff of Boone County, Melvin Collins, and informed him that he was writing a song about him. Melvin Collins laughed and did not think anything more about what Kenny Price had said.
About 6 months later the song was released. Melvin Collins and Kenny Price stood in front of Rinks Department Stores in Florence while Kenny signed autographs and shoppers bought up the records. Kenny Price sang the song on the television show Mid-Western Hayride in Cincinnati while Melvin Collins and his son's watch. Even when Melvin Collins attended conferences, in one paper the title was "The Sheriff of Boone County Comes to Town." Melvin Collins got a big kick out of having a song written about him. He did not run the grocery store, pump gas nor was the dog-catcher.

Being Melvin Collins's youngest daughter, I still have fond memories when I hear the song Sheriff of Boone County.