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O-Town Shelli's song Lyrics

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There's something in the way
Your eyes stare through mine
That says things will stay this way
You'll lose your heart and fall behind
You may speak a thousand words
But a picture's in my mind
Empty words and empty promises
Please don't say good-bye

So come back to the days
And spend them for awhile
And spend some time away
While the years pass us by

And if we don't ever make it
Together in our lives
Just know I loved you all along...

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Missing something | Reviewer: Amy | 6/28/2006

Well, I've review these lyrics. Although it was quite captivating, I felt it was missing a "I thought she knew" and "There's a thousand words that I can say, to make you come home" The writer was missing some of the "heat it up" power which is usually present. Although she fully displayed her "liquid dreams" I felt somewhat empty with the song... Hopefully, there won't be any more Tearing up my heart, because I know you want me back...
That's all for now.
I'm Gone

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