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It's best to expect the unexpected from SHeDAISY. These
three young women push musical boundaries as hard as they
push themselves -- and the result is "The Whole Shebang," a
debut CD as fresh as it is impressive. "Sometimes we sit
down and say, 'What's the weirdest harmony we can sing here
that will work?'" says Kristyn Osborn, the oldest of the
three sisters who make up the trio. It's an approach that
makes for some of the most scintillating harmonies in
country or any other genre of music, and it's one that
permeates everything More...

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Reviews about Shedaisy songs

Ha Ha Ha | Reviewer: krista Patton
    ------ About the song God Bless The Canadian Housewife performed by Shedaisy

I just love this song. I can not say this enough. Any woman who takes offence to this is just a prude. It is great being a woman, who is wanted by all, even if its only the people of your town or neightbourhood. My girlfriend and i do all our housework while we are on the phone, and my husband just loves to ask me how much phone time I got in today, it is about the only time he actually gets to realize how many hours i put in a day with housework. He measure things in how many beers he drank and I measure then hours spent on the phone. It may be an old school way of thinking but relationships then were actually for keeps. Keep up the great job SHeDAISY!!

Sexy Canadian - Strong and Free! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song God Bless The Canadian Housewife performed by Shedaisy

I absolutely love this song. I do the lawn, housework, homeschool my kids, and all the rest. I definitely live like this. As a stay-home woman who knows how to provide for her family and satisfy her husband in EVERY way, I live like the sexy Momma that I am. I also know that my kids love this song, and think of me when they hear it. I do not live so that sex is the only thing I think about, nor do I dress like that, but I do for my husband!
My husband also thinks that if more Canadian housewives lived like this - like the sexy, strong women that they are, we'd probably see less men straying. SO to all Canadian housewives - BE SEXY- since that is what you are!

for all the military sweethearts | Reviewer: courtney
    ------ About the song Come Home Soon performed by Shedaisy

My fiance is a soldier in the U.S. Army fighting over in Iraq, and i had heard this song many times before but it never had as much impact on me as it does now. I understand how hard it is for your significant other to be so far away when all you want to do is feel their arms around you. I pray for all the people missing their loved ones, and that you stay strong, our troops need you more than you know! This song has brought me out of a lot of hard days, and it will continue to. One thing i know is stay surrounded with family and friends, they will be more helpful to you now then ever before! God Bless!

unfaithfulness | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song She Gets What I Deserve performed by Shedaisy

It's about a singer who having an affair with a married man who wont leave his his wife and family and now she regrets it becuase she realizes he will always love his family first and she's always on the back burner and how could she ever tear the family apart in the first place.

error | Reviewer: lexy
    ------ About the song God Bless The Canadian Housewife performed by Shedaisy

there was an error in the sentence:"I can be as sexy as the devil when i mow the lawn".
I think it should be:"I can be as sexy as the devil when i'm home alone."

AWESOME song | Reviewer: Elizabeth Lindberg
    ------ About the song 360 Degrees of You performed by Shedaisy

I absolutely LOVE this song, it's so much fun to listen to.


Amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Come Home Soon performed by Shedaisy

This song says its all, my husband's in Iraq and every day that goes by I pray he was here with me. This song makes me cry but it says it all with putting our son to sleep, to me sleeping and living alone. To all the soldiers Come Home Soon!

That's What I Want For Christmas | Reviewer: Kathy
    ------ About the song That's What I Want For Christmas performed by Shedaisy

This is my favorite song on the Shedaisy Christmas albumn.
It's just how I feel about my sweetheart.
He is all I want for Christmas.

SheDaisy? or Leann Rimes? | Reviewer: michs
    ------ About the song I Dare You performed by Shedaisy

I love this song but i was just wondering if anyone knew who wrote it because Leann Rimes has the same song on her new album and was wondering who covered the song first

One of the best modern Christmas pieces today... | Reviewer: Sarah Anderson
    ------ About the song Twist Of The Magi (SheDaisy with Rascal Flatts) performed by Shedaisy

I absolutely love this song. It hip, upbeat and easy to sing along to. It's sung by two extraordinary bands, who blend together perfectly. This is great for any group of male/females looking for a more modern christmas tune to perform.

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