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King Louie She Want Me Lyrics

Last updated: 04/19/2013 03:38:28 PM

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Tell em' I'm chase n dough!

[Girl:] I want you
[King Louie:] Yup I know
[Girl:] I got to have you
[King Louie:] Yeah, sounds good
[Girl:] But what would this lead to
[King Louie:] Um, I don't know
[Girl:] Will it just be me and you
[King Louie:] Sounds good
[Girl:] Tell me... you know I want you
[King Louie:] Tell me something I don't know
[Girl:] Tell me how you feel
[King Louie:] Let's go

[Verse 1: King Louie]
I feel like a million bucks
I feel like my way or the highway your opionion sucks
Foreign cars and foreign trucks, money over sluts
Purple label fly, bumping purple rain
Smoking purple jane with a witty dame with a 8 frame
She know louie the bomb (bond) like my name james
Lv my belt, lame checkerboard square game
The dope got me high and shorty swag on airplane
Just may need a parachute
I'm a mack bite my apple sord of like forbidden fruit
God shit, mobb shit baby you the one... odd chick
Yeah I'm tryna crack her like a card trick
She be gettin wetter than a faucet
She say she like how louie be on his boss shit
And I say boss shit

[Chorus: Leek]
She on me, she on me
Just like the pants it's so true
She want me, all on me
I guess that's just what swag do

[Verse 2: King Louie]
Swaggin in designer clothes, all day smokin dope
Higher than a bloody nose, spicy chica in her loubs
Swaggin in her bloody shoes, rudeboi into you
One day I will enter you, she tell me louie you a fool
Smiley faces blowing gas, baby girl my lane fast
Yo man is a lame ass, I mubu my gang cash
She wanna be shotgun cause I explore foreign
And I ain't got no problem with it
As long as she swallowing me
I'm a damn mess, I relieve stress
She say she need that in her last text
So I'm on my way on my j.o.b.
T-shirt with no panties, how she wait on me
And I think this shit crazy cause she know I'm m.o.b.
I tell her go slow when she go down on me
She do what I say and I love that shit
Might be yo girl but I love that bitch

[Chorus: Leek]
She on me, she on me
Just like the pants it's so true
She want me, all on me
I guess that's just what swag do

Telling me that she want me
I'm thinking to tell her to call her homies
She asking me questions as if she knows me
I'm a take her to the crib and show her how I live
Now I'm like

[Bridge: Leek]

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