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Brad Paisley She Said Yes Lyrics

Last updated: 08/07/2008 11:00:00 AM

She moved into my old apartment
That's how we got this whole thing started
She called and said that I had mail waiting there for me
I told her that I'd come and get it
How could I know in just a minute
That I'd be standing face to face with my own destiny

Ohh and we sat there talkin' just like we were old friends
And ohh Then I asked her can I see you again

She said yes
And I said wow
And she said when
And I said how about right now
Love can't wait
Then I asked if she believed in fate
And she said yes

The days flew by just like a fast train
And nothing else has been on my brain
Except the thought of how she makes me
The man I wanna be
And she's the one I want for a million reasons
Loving her it's just like breathing
It's easy and it obvious
She was made for me

Ohh then it happend one night looking in her eyes
Ohh and I popped the question
Much to my suprise


So we called the preacher, family, and friends
And nothing's been the same since


She said yes

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Chad Brock | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/30/2007

Yes....not sure if Brad Paisley may have written this song or something, but it is sung by Chad Brock. Even found it on Limewire listed as Brad and it just isn't. My oh my how rumors get started. Oh's Chad Brock, and he is awesome as well!

Chad Brock | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/6/2007

This song is actually sung by Chad Brock, not Brad Paisley.

Loved it | Reviewer: Kelli | 6/19/2005

I love this song.I dont really like country music that much but I actually like this song.Its great.I would suggest it to anyone who likes country music!