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All the girls pose the same for pictures
All the boys got the same girls hair.
Well I am bored cause I feel much older,
Look at me as if I got a reason to stare.
But you talk so loud, that it calms me down.
You're crying, "let's make a toast!"

She says she's leavin on a Sunday,
Oh, that leaves me one more night.
Can I take you home?
I know it's wrong, but I know your type.

She says she's leavin on a Sunday,
I don't care, I need to know where to turn.
I tried it once, it never caught on,
I was the only one who got burned.

I've read every word you've said,
From a poster of a cat.
Four books look across your sofa,
I thought your coffee table was more clever than that.
It gets worse once we get to her room she stops and she sings "doot do do do do do do do"
I claim "New Religion's" my song,
She doesn't get it,
It's all before she was born.

And you lock your door,
Like I've been here before.
I feel like I've seen a ghost.

She says she's leavin on a Sunday,
Oh, that leaves me one more night.
Can I take you home?
I know it's wrong, but I know your type.

She says she's leavin on a Sunday,
I don't care I need to know where to turn.
I tried it once it never caught on,
I was the only one who got burned.
I was the only one who got burned.

Suddenly between sheets and eyelids, I am reminded why I don't do this.
I fall in love far too quickly,
I never want her to forget me.
When you're gone,
Will you call?
Will you write?

She says she's leavin on a Sunday,
Oh, that leaves me one more night.
Can I take you home?
I know it's wrong, but I know your type.

She says she's leavin on a Sunday,
Oh, that leaves me one more night.
Can I take you home?
I know it's wrong, but I know your type.

She says she's leavin on a Sunday,
I don't care I need to know where to turn.
I tried it once it never caught on,
I was the only one who got burned.
I was the only one who got burned.
I was the only one who got burned.
I was the only one who got burned.

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My life | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/14/13

She left, far away. We had everything, yet she murdered the idea of us, surrendered it to her lifelong desire of going away. Before she left she started separating herself from me to ease the pain throughout, when the moment finally came, I got burned. She doen't remember what we once had.

Moral: today's trends suck. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/28/11

I don't think it's about the guy being older at all, only that he feels old and out of place because he has older values (sick of one night stands, generic myspace chick pics, Justin Beiber hair being the fashion), tastes in music (Duran Duran), etc. So he meets this girl understanding she's no different from the rest (loud, takes him into her room at once -locks her door-, banal and stupid -lolcat motivational poster quotes are all she says-, i.e. the typical myspace girl) but he falls in love anyway, because that's just how he is. He laments the difficulty in finding true love in a society that rests on superficialities, a society that produces the kind of girls that burn, who don't know how to love because his kind of love (the right kind) has become hopelessly outdated and against the mainstream ("I tried it once but it never caught on").

It's a message. Youths these days no longer know how to love because society has gone down the drain.

Well... | Reviewer: Jake | 2/23/11

I mean the meaning of the song is pretty simple...

The guy finds himself almost alienated from all of those around him. Where others want to follow all the trends, and live fast, he can't relate to that. But at the end of the first verse, he finds a girl who seems different somehow from the rest and intrigues him.

Following to the chorus, the guy again shows he's different from the rest. He wants to live fast like those around him, and sleep with this girl, but from a past experience he's realized he simply can't do that, as the experience has no meaning and only hurts him.

Then, just like a lot of times when we really get to know someone, the guy begins to realize that the girl isn't all different like he believed her to be, but for some reason he can't stop being interested in her.

Anyways, to cut it short, he realizes as he sleeps separate from her (because his feelings in one way or another messed up his chance of just sleeping with her), that he's cursed because no matter what he does he'll always want a meaningful relationship, even though he's surrounded by a society who value the one night stand more than that.

my summer | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/31/10

this song is kinda about my summer i was leaving for college in the fall i met this amazing girl but she felt if anything happened between us she would be the one to get burned and she thought i would just move on once i got to school

About me. | Reviewer: Matt | 7/14/10

Its about me in reverse, i met the girl, i was leaving, she just wanted the score... I was the one who got burned, still havent put out that fire. The Format always goes both ways, could be you or them. Some one always gets hurt. =( Great band, horrible pain. lol, i know what they mean. Im not that concieted to think its about me but,it feels that way. check out `you're so last summer` by taking back sunday... if you feel the connection, i would listen. :{

Hey | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/20/10

I think it's about a guy who meets a girl who is outgoing and willing to give everything to him before she leaves and it just says he feels old witch I think is maturity and I think he is so in love with her he wants to be with her forever but she is moving and he doesn't want to waist time having sex he just wants to be with her

SO WHATEVER | Reviewer: Patricia | 12/7/09

I love this song and I think its about a guy who just so happened to meet a girl somewhere maybe over the internet or somethin and she plans to move away but she wants to have sexual relations first lol but he puts his heart into everything and it ended up breaking his heart :( poor little buddy

----------------- | Reviewer: .......... | 6/24/09

i think it's about a guy who meets a girl through the internet like on myspace or something because he says "i've read every word you've said" which could be her comments or blog or whatever. and he's "bored cuz i feel much older". so my take on it is that it's an older guy who meets a younger girl on myspace and it's wrong. and also i think he has deeper feelings for her than she does for him...she might just be looking to hook up with an older guy but he is in love. maybe...that's just what i got from it(:

jzsdfhk | Reviewer: dani | 2/8/09

i think this song is about an older guy who is seeing all the lame trends when he sees this girl who thinks she's all that and then some. he's feeling a little outgoing and decides to go for her. when he talks to her she's leaving on a sunday and he just feels he needs to make it last and a little insecure and wants to sleep with her because he must feel loved, but he's done it before and last time he got too attached. he wants more than a one night stand but knows she doesn't. he still feels like he loves her or needs to love her and again gets attached but she moves much faster than him.

wow that's all in a jumble haha im trying to figure it out in my head.

good song.. | Reviewer: Allie | 12/8/08

i think this song is more about a guy, who recongizes the ridiculousness of the trends atm but isn't really saying they're good or bad, just that they're there. But this guy is a little more mature, but has given up and has found an attractive girl, who he doesn't know so isn't interested in dating, but just take her home for a night. The comments about the books on the coffee table and "new religion" as his song is just making fun of her vapidness and how she isn't anything special. He sleeps with her, and in the spur of the moment falls for her, because she's pretty and they're together for a night. He's insecure, he wants someone, but he knows its not really her. The next day its over. End song. Just about a one night stand & how he's lonely.

what the hell | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/26/08

x__x HOW is this about scene?
I can get how it's about cliques in general, but theres nothing in particular about scene. It could easily be about any other trend, like emo. They have guys with girly hair too.
You are all so silly ;D

In-depth analysis | Reviewer: fyre | 7/30/08

Most posts have the same idea as I am going to give. I think this song is about a boy who is getting older, looking at the current trends, and how all girls have exactly the same pose in all pictures that they take of them. Also, the boys have conformed so heavily to the scene style that they not only all have the same hair, they have the same hair that he recognizes as a girl's hair.

I picture the girl as a younger person who is leaving out of his life on a Sunday. Perhaps, because he is on tour as of current, and by him leaving, she will leave. Thus, he is only there until Sunday. He is afraid to sleep with her, because he falls in love all too easily, and she may just be looking for intercourse.

He notes her ease and suaveness in the situation, being a tell-tale sign that she likes to sleep with people more than date them. He then remarks on her choice of reading material on the coffee table, and realizes he thought she was someone a little more mature and intelligent than what she is reading.

The "'new religion' is my song" reference is to the song "New Religion" by "Duran Duran" that he feels pertains to his life and/or situation. Given her age, the song was popularized and fell out of the limelight all before she was born.

The end is simply that he has gone home with girls before that he found attractive and likeable in hopes of dating them, but it turned out they just wanted to sleep with him in nothing more. His heart was scarred, and thus "burned".

Thanks for reading!

Duuha. | Reviewer: BabyBonzz | 3/26/08

Personally i think he is talking about how 'scene' girls and 'scene' guys are all the same. They only have till sunday, so he has one night, and knows her type.

if you look deeper into the song you can grasp that.

this song is really good, and many different meanings can be taken out of it.. | Reviewer: Elisabeth | 2/27/08

The way i saw it was yeah, there's a guy who's mature for his age and all, and he falls for a girl, has one night to tell her how he feels/make his move, and then when the time comes she wants to hook up with him, he does, and is upset because he's in love with her and he's afraid she doesn't think the same about their relationship.
i also agree that he kind of thought she was different, and was surprised when he saw her house, with her reading choice and all of that.

i love this song!'s my take on it. | Reviewer: Al | 2/24/08

I'm sure your paper is already done holly but I think you've got it pretty well. Here's my take:

He's a younger guy getting older, too old for the bar scene. He knows what these girls usually go for, and he's hesitant to try it again because he gets attached too easy and has been "burned before". He takes his shot and realizes she's young "It's all before she was born", not mature and not looking for what he is. He also realizes from the coffee table and the ease of her locking the door that she's "done this before" He also realizes it's wrong but still does it anyway.

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