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Kay Adams She Didn't Color Daddy Lyrics

Last updated: 07/04/2013 12:59:00 PM

I'm with my little girl the only friend left in the world
So I gave her a book to color on
Just to pass the time away this had been her longest day
Everything is lonely with him gone
I laughed when I first looked at the pictures in her book
The way she colored everything all wrong
But this chill came over me as I realized that she
Had colored things as she felt baby long
She colored mommy blue with brown eyes crying
She made our house as grey as the dawn
She made the sun as black as night as if to say it had no light
But she didn't color daddy cause he's gone
Oh yes I'm so blue and I've been crying and our home is as grey as the dawn
And the sun it gives no light every day is black as night
And she didn't color daddy cause he's gone
Oh no she didn't color daddy cause he's gone

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I Cryed... | Reviewer: Ghost of a Niece | 7/4/13

I remember the first time I heard "She Didn't Color Daddy", I was six years old. It reminded me of how my father was always gone, he was one of those gad about, hard drinking, whore monging truckers she sang about and her brother. To this day, I still cry when I here the words, "She didn't color daddy, 'cause he's gone." Some memories never fade.