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Velvet Revolver She Builds Quick Machines Lyrics

Last updated: 09/03/2012 11:49:18 AM

She Builds Quick Machines

Hold fast little love
Burn it strong let it roam
Ice cold desert snow
She build a quick dream
Sister keep her motor clean
Sunday visits and a wet machine
She's always quick to fight
We'll break her through tonight
I can feel it when you pull straight down
I can feel it when they stood their ground.

Roll over, right
Keep it through the night, right, right
Keep it through the night
Right in my sight, keep it through the night
I'll smash right through your spotlight

She ran away to

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She builds an amazing band | Reviewer: Laura | 9/3/12

Okay then, to the person that decided it was cool to talk all 'gangsta' get the fuck out, no one can understand you. It's good to see that literacy is a high priority for you. Secondly this song is amazing and I love Velvet Revolver, and Guns N' Roses, the original that is. After Slash left it went from bad to worse. Slash is the man and I love the book that he wrote. Rock N' Roll fuck the world

HI | Reviewer: Manny | 10/26/07

First of all, if you're going to write a review, use actual words. Secondly, this song kicks ass. I love Slash.

Crazy | Reviewer: Manny | 10/29/07

Anything by Slash is amazing, and this song further proves my theory. Oh, and P.S., if you're going to write a review, use actual words.

awsum | Reviewer: makka | 7/17/07

omfg dis song is tha best scince gnr came owt wif sweet child of mine man dis song kikz ass

nd slash iz so so so so so so kewl i had hair lyk him wen i was 3 yea boi

r= retards
a= attempting
p= poetry