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Damnwells She's The New York City Skyline Lyrics

Last updated: 01/15/2007 11:00:00 AM

She never stared too long at distant lights
She always kept the ones here close and bright
She met me in the darkness
Reached out for my hand and said good night

She’s constant like the ringing in my ears
She’s drowning out the silence of my fears
I’ve looked for her reflection
In all the pretty girls throughout the years

She’s staring at the shadows
Dancing on the walls
She’s the New York City skyline
Bound to catch the heavens if they fall

She never signed her paintings with a name
She surrendered “I love you’s” with bitter shame
She echoed in the season
And filled me with her sweet Italian ray

She's burning like the fires of the sun
She's Friday night when Sunday’s almost done
She's fireflies and splinters
Long after the winter had begun

I see her wrapping ribbons
Somewhere down the hall
She's a million simple answers
Waiting for your midnight drunken call

She's a memory of something you can feel
She's hidden in the world that she conceals
She's strength in every weakness
Beating in a heart you cannot steal

She never shows the color of her eyes
She's far away but closer than the skies
I’m waiting in her footsteps
If she is not the truth I’ll take the lie

She's a watercolor window
Far across the sea
She's a burning neon spotlight
Shining on the things I cannot leave

She never turns the light out for the moon
She always shows up late when I’m too soon
She's a harmony and a whisper
Singing along with all my sappy tunes

She's all the reasons why you run away
She's all the reasons why you want to stay
The tangled part of mystery
Is gonna bleed for someone else someday

I see her in the bedroom
Sleeping next to me
She's enough grace and wisdom
To set the whole world free

She's staring at the shadows
Dancing on the wall
She's the New York City skyline
Bound to catch the heavens if they fall