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Cameo She's Strange (12" Rap Version) Lyrics

Last updated: 07/28/2011 12:00:00 PM



She has all the things a lady wants, you know
She's got diamonds and Mercedes and money to blow
Not many know much about this girl
She fades in and out all over the world
You might be possessed by her wit and charm
But there's know need to be alarmed
She's a plain girl just like any other
But the difference is she strikes people further


She's strange
And I like it
She's strange
Just the way she is
Walkin' down the avenue
She's strange
Always doing something new


She S-T-R-A-N-G-E
She's the strangest person I ever did meet
But I had a freaky time and I blew my mind
She was so unique and oh so fine
She made me feel like a king and other things
In my head I hear the bells ring
But I'll be OK and I'll be alright
But I'll never forget what we did last night
When she struts her stuff across the floor
And the place is filled with the ladies galore
She is the woman who's in demand
And she's the one that'll take your man
With fresh gear on she steps in the place
With .... all over her face
Her mini skirt just fits so tight
You can't look once you have to look twice
But beware of the spike bands on her wrists
And the sexy way her body twists
She's strange so strange, but I didn't complain
She said 'yes' to me when I ran my game
When we got to the spot where we wanted to be
She asked the man for room 1-2-3
But before we left he whispered to me
She's S-T-R-A-N-G-E



I didn't know the deal so I took a chill
To see if what he said was really for real
So I went with her to room 1-2-3
She put the key in the door and then said to me
Don't be surprised by what you see
But when I got inside I just couldn't believe
There are things in the crib that I won't describe
She's strange and that I can't deny
I was really tripped out and so turned on
I wanted to stay until the break of dawn
So I made my call on the telephone
I worked it out didn't need to go home
At first I was thinking 'bout my fantasies
Five or six pretty ladies and just one me
I could handle them all sufficiently
But instead of five I'll settle for three
There was fresh fly wells from who knows where
I couldn't help stare at the derriere
Then I rocked them all at a sexy pace
It was body to body all over the place
She burst in the door with a whip and chain
Had second thoughts about why I came
Her eyes turned red she pushed me in bed
'You're strange,' is all that she said
Then she dropped the whip and removed the skirt
She dove on my body it was head first
She's strange, but she got the job done
It was on so on and second to none
I'll be OK, I'll be alright
And I'll never forget what we did last night
So just rock y'all ya don't stop
Cameo is a going to the stop

I just let her take my breath away
I just let her take my breath away

She S-T-R-A-N-G-E
She's the strangest person that you'll ever meet

And I like it
I like it
And I like it
I like it

I can tell she takes my breath away
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