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Man Overboard She's Got Her Own Man Now Lyrics

Last updated: 06/15/2013 05:02:50 AM

At my best, I'd suggest I've been weird since she left.
It's normal autumn stuff, I guess I never thought enough.
Look at me almost free from my crippling disease,
shoot bullets through my foot I think that'd work out real good.

Call me out, call me out, she's calling me out.
And I guess she didn't know better cause she
Called me out. Call me out, shes calling me out.

I guess that's why
she's got her own man now.
She's doing fine.
She's got her own man now
and I guess that's why she called me out.

Call me out, whats she talking about?
I guess she didn't know better
cause she's got her own man now.

At my best put to test I'd score average or less.
I can't apply myself if I could just untie myself.
She wants the yes's gets the no's before long there she goes.
I guess she dug too deep and now she's just too bugged to sleep.

You made yourself the guest of honor
and the party got stopped
and everybody just went home.

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