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White Lion She's Got Everything Lyrics

Last updated: 08/25/2004 10:06:09 PM

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I went to a party
With a friend of mine
Had a couple of beers
And a bottle of wine
There were plenty of women
Dancing everywhere
They were dressed to kill
And knew what to do
She was so outstanding
I just had to make her mine
She could read me like a letter
I had one thing on my mind
She¹s got everything and I want it
Every little thing she¹s got is fine
She¹s got everything and I want it
Every little thing she¹s got is mine
So we left the party
And went to her place
You could see excitement
Written on my face
So she took me upstairs
Laid me on her bed
When she god undressed
I just lost my head
There were twenty years of woman
There was more than I could eat
She was ready, ripe Rn¹ willing
I just knew she¹s taste so sweet
She¹s got everything, etc.
She was like a fire
She burned like a flame
She cried out my name
In her claim to fame
Then I saw her smiling
From her pretty eyes
She said little boy
We¹ve got work to do
Put the log into the fire
And bullets in the gun
You¹ll get what you desire
RCause the night has just begun
She¹s got everything etc.

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