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Shawn McDonald’s life has been marked by a string of
heartaches, bad breaks, and personal mistakes, events that
have landed him both in trouble with the law and in love
with the Lord – in that order. The streettough but
tenderhearted McDonald has never shied away from telling
his story – of growing up in Eugene, Oregon, as an angry,
rebellious teen who was a drug addict and a dealer, looking
for any and every way to escape his pain and a
dysfunctional home. In 1998, at just 20 years old and at
the end of his rope – and facing nine felony counts on a
drug bust – McDonald cried out More...

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Submit Shawn McDonald New Lyrics

Review about Shawn McDonald songs
gravity | Reviewer: stacie
    ------ About the song Gravity performed by Shawn McDonald

A truly amazing song I love it so much!!!!! The Lord really speaks to me in this song its so touching. Makes me feel so close to God and I feel the love God has for me especially with this song. Love it!!!

OneLifeuc | Reviewer: Onelifeuc
    ------ About the song Gravity performed by Shawn McDonald

The Lyrics “Don't want to give into the SIN, want to stay IN YOU ‘til the end” I got good news for you if you are “In Christ” He will be in you FOREVER! So you don’t have to worry about Christ ever leaving you because with Him there is NO END! AMEN!... Please get plugged into HIS Word. The BIBLE!

It's Refreshing. | Reviewer: Beteshazzah
    ------ About the song Gravity performed by Shawn McDonald

This always refreshes and puts me back on track.
Reminding me of my weaknesses and God's saving Grace...The only One who understands and stands by me knowing all the wrong things that I've done.

Wow | Reviewer: Olivia
    ------ About the song Take My Hand performed by Shawn McDonald

This is defrantly the type of song that needs to be herd more! I herd this song a few years ago and am still listening to it! It has an amazing message and is so true. This song Has a great beet and an amazing message and Shawn has the right voice to sing it!!!

where is... | Reviewer: Caio
    ------ About the song All I Need performed by Shawn McDonald

i'm brasilian, so in this text will have many mistakes.. i want to know.. where are this music's bright? "I tried many thing to fill my empty soul, soul..." I want to know the rest...

I'm sorry for mistakes =D

Brilliant song... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Gravity performed by Shawn McDonald

This song just touches my heart every time I listen to it. Shawn McDonald is such a talented musician, and the lyrics of his songs are so real to me. Gravity, Take My Hand and Clarity are my favourite songs of his so far - I've only just started to listen to his music. But I've never heard a song like this before; it puts me in a state of mind that I can't describe.
And thank you, God, for not letting me fall away from you, even though gravity is pulling me to the ground.

God is wonderful | Reviewer: emmacany
    ------ About the song Gravity performed by Shawn McDonald

this song reminds us that God own's the best and masterpiece of all music..this song really resonates into the heart of a genuine christain looking up to heaven as his/her finally abode ..i pray this song travels contually to all that the lord meant it for ...for it has really touched my life in all facets..thank you shawn for answering the call of God on your life...also you could listen to jeremy camp's let it fade and shawn grooves welcome home they are also inspiring.God bless you all

Gravity | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Gravity performed by Shawn McDonald

This song is an inspiration, the first time i heard it i was crying. Its beautiful, the way that Shawn writes his songs. I had just gone to the concert and almost cried during that song when he sang it . Its just beautiful. God is great and this song is inspirational.

by accident | Reviewer: jessica f
    ------ About the song Take My Hand performed by Shawn McDonald

God really is so smart! I heard the song "take this life" and wanted my friend to hear it. He looked up the lyrics to this song instead and it was kind of a blessing. I believe the words of the song ministered to him. I know it did to me, Im excited to hear the song. I think this might be the first time i have expressed my feelings about anything on a page like this. I read what the previous people wrote and it encouraged me, so I decided to do the same in hopes it would encourage someone else. Check out shawns other song "Take this Life" I really enjoyed it.

God's mercies | Reviewer: Kuljeet Chana
    ------ About the song Gravity performed by Shawn McDonald

thats a real song ever sung by human(s) dedicated to God ...because it shows that how weak a man is and How powerful our God is ...I Thank God for Showing his mercies upon us and gave us the way of salvation through Jesus Christ..What a wonderful God we serve.

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