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Shawn Desman Biography

Last updated: 01/22/2008 11:00:00 AM

Shawn Desman is the newest signing to BMG Canada/ViK Recordings. He joins the family via the UOMO imprint label. Shawn is a 19 year-old professional singer/songwriter/producer/dancer who began performing at events in his native Portuguese and Italian communities at age 9. His early introduction into the entertainment industry helped him establish a solid Latin fan base worldwide. Recently, he recorded a duet entitled, “Amor De Mujer”, with one of Brazil’s multi-platinum, Grammy award-winning superstars, Alexandre Pires. In addition to his numerous accolades in the Latin community, Shawn also achieved substantial crossover success with his first English single, “Don’t Want To Lose You”, which was released independently 2 years ago.

Although singing is his first love, Shawn is recognized as a multi-faceted entertainer because he has amassed a notable dance, production and acting repertoire over the years. His acting and dance credits include a major role in last year’s teen movie “Get Over It” with Martin Short, Carmen Electra and Sisqo, various TV commercials and performances in videos by Alanis Morisette, Len and Boomtang Boys. His producer skills were honed via collaborations with producer/writer teams that have worked with Backstreet Boys and TLC. Shawn has written and co-produced many of the tracks on his forthcoming release.