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Shawn Colvin was born January 10, 1958 in South Dakota.
Colvin's road to stardom seemed to come out of nowhere in
1997 with the sudden pop success of "Sunny Came Home," but
Colvin's legacy in folk/rock music had already given her a
strong fan base and critical acclaim.

As a child, Colvin was learning to play the guitar at age
10 and starring in The King And I in her teens. In college
in Illinois, Colvin played hard rock with the Shawn Colvin
Band. When neither studying or hard rock was making any
waves, Colvin moved to Texas and More...

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Review about Shawn Colvin songs
Good, not great | Reviewer: Momolina Calsinky
    ------ About the song Windy Nights performed by Shawn Colvin

This song adaption of Robert Louis Stevenson' s poem is not bad, but it doesn' t quite work according to me. I know the tune, and the lyrics that I know are different and I like them more. Still, it is better than some versions. There are lots!

Depressed | Reviewer: Rob h
    ------ About the song Another Plane Went Down performed by Shawn Colvin

This song deals with a period of depression . Feelings of anger,betrayal, and loss are expressed - she can't get them out of her head (or dreams). A longing for better days is desired. Very sad.

Ultimate Respect | Reviewer: neoplatonic
    ------ About the song Kill the Messenger performed by Shawn Colvin

As a young man trying to negotiate meaning with others, Fat City lent a glimpse into the mind and emotions of a woman who I could respect, admire, look up to, and perhaps of most import, relate to. So many years later, and this song, though perhaps bursting awkwardly full of metaphor and diction, is one of the most intelligently constructed songs I've ever had the pleasure to experience. Thank you, Shawn.

great | Reviewer: mojojojo
    ------ About the song Sunny Came Home performed by Shawn Colvin

mtv sucks for banning the video of this song. great song, great lyrics, great video.

great! | Reviewer: deborah
    ------ About the song Twilight performed by Shawn Colvin

I love this song but what confuses me is that the lyrics are different on another site...such as:
sometimes I serve my country
sometimes I stay at home
I heard this song on Crossing Jordan...
I'm trying to find out who wrote the song...

shome mistakes in the bleak midwinter | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song In the Bleak Midwinter performed by Shawn Colvin

In the bleak midwinter,lo----ng ago,earth stood hard as iron,water like a stone. Snow keeps falling snow on snow,sno---w on snow,in the deep midwinter lo------ng ago. Cherubims and seraphims must have gathered here,to see our almighty (blessed with a mother`s kiss ?) So what can I give him, poor as I am, if i were a shepherd ,I would give a lamb. If I were a wise man,I would play my part. So what can I gi-ve him, Saa-ave my heart In the bleak midwinter etc. etc.

Adn words just can't explain... | Reviewer: Hope Huang
    ------ About the song Never Saw Blue Like That performed by Shawn Colvin

The first time, when I listened to this song, I was deeply attracted by its lovely melody. How a dare saying to tell what she/he feels aloud. Sometimes it's hard to express our love to someone we care. I think this song may be the best choice to share with someone that you really want to talk to them , say how grateful for them and love them. It's true that something..words just can't explain. This is my favorite sentence, what about you?? ^^

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