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Shattersphere Biography

Last updated: 04/22/2004 09:42:55 PM

Kyle Lovely ++ Vocals/Keyboard
Chrs Viarengo ++ Guitar
Mike Hogan ++ Bass
Jason Musshorn ++ Drums/Vocals

Shattersphere is a four piece Hard Rock/Heavy Metal band based in the Northwest Hills of CT. Formed in early 2002, Shattersphere has created a unique sound all their own. By blending a variety of musical influences ranging from metal/hardcore to jazz/classical, the band looks to push the boundaries within their genre. They pride themselves on their insane live show and unique catalog of songs that span from straightforward radio anthems, to 8-minute epics that display each individual member's musical proficiency. Shattersphere is the result of four very different, dedicated, and open-minded individuals who have collaborated to create original music with thought, depth, and emotion.

Throughout the course of the band's history, they began to form a sonic quality and stage presence that is one of a kind. From the brutal ear-piercing assault "Lost In The Flames" to the epic orchestral masterpiece "Reflections," the band is able to invoke an emotional rollercoaster among their audience. Since the band was formed, they quickly progressed through the New England scene; performing all over Connecticut and Rhode Island. In 2003, the band was nominated for a Connecticut Rock Award in the "People's Rock Award (Best band)" category by Unsygned Artist . In March 2003, The Hartford Advocate gave recognition to the band for their live performance at The Webster Theatre in Hartford, CT. Shattersphere is featured on many music sites around the world including, Pure Volume, Soundclick, Audiostreet, and Garage Band to name a few.

In Fall 2003, the band rounded out its current line-up with the addition of a new bassist, and surpassed 10,000 hits on, an important milestone for the group. The band has also teamed up with Sony Producer Ron Zabrocki (Mariah Carey, Korn, Slayer) and Tim Conklin (Selena, Rollins Band, Blues Traveler) to begin work on their self-titled debut album. The 9-track effort, set for release on May 15, 2004, showcases the band's commitment and dedication to thoughtful songwriting. With the release of their debut album, the doors are wide open for the band as they push for recognition on a much larger scale. Armed with an incredibly talented line-up of musicians, a die hard fan base, and a steadily growing street team, the band is gearing towards reaching out to fans all over the globe.