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Piebald Shark Attack Lyrics

Last updated: 09/03/2007 12:00:00 PM

Hey look I got this thing on my shoulder. Listen all it makes a BIG NOISE! Don't get too close it might snap at you, oh well. And I am thinking you do not want that but you will still think about having gotten closer. I got nothing on my back - it's my shoulder, oh yeah. All eyes on me. All eyes on me. Man, I'm hungry and I don't know who I'm feeding. Stomach grumbles everyone should see this. Me and thing are hungry, but I'm not sure what the thing is. Break bread today, break bread today. My attention's been starved, oh yeah. I won't get bitten twice. The first is trouble and deep. I don't miss people 'cause I can't miss myself. No movement means dead. It's food and be fed the ghost of all fancy parts. A withering hand or a shadowed land won't conquer watcher's hearts. Stand up cause there's more to the story. I need undivided attention. It must be obvious but who wants yesterday's news? It's hungrier than ever. The hunger goes on forever.