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Cancerslug Shapeshift Lyrics

Last updated: 04/17/2012 12:00:00 PM

i shapeshift in the morning mist
i was looking for a girl like you
what the fuck you should be old enough to know what im going to do
when a wolf like me starts to walk your way
you can see death in his eyes
but dont be fooled
though i look like man
this mask i wear is a lie
in the pouring rain you know i feel no shame
i do what i do to survive
you stupid cunt dont even try to run
you know you make it hard sometimes
in the cool night air you know i have no cares
and i am not held by your laws
with a steel trap jaw and a lust for blood
my fists have turned into claws
i shapeshift in the morning mists
i was looking for a girl like you
the chase is done i know we have had our fun
but now for something new
i could spread you out to the edge of the world
and rape your body and soul
but ill just rip you to shreds and leave you for dead
as a tale best left untold
and so i walk away from another prey left bleeding all alone
and with a sheepish grin i return to false skin
but im still a beast to the bone
i the wolf untamed and free
as a carnivores soul should be
i the wolf though i look like man
i shapeshift into me