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Aerosmith Shame, Shame, Shame Lyrics

Last updated: 04/24/2006 12:00:00 PM

.Lyrics-Ruby Fisher Music-Kenyon Hopkins

You made me sweat'n toil til I was skin'n bone
It wasn't love but greed - Look at me now!
Shame,Shame,Shame On You, Miss Roxy1 Shame,Shame,Shame on what you done!

Well I was off the dice, I didn't touch the gin
An' then the dam broke loose - you were the reason! (Shame, shame,shame,etc.)

Just let a stranger pass, you had to toss your head
You had to shake your hips - flash him the come-on! (Shame,shame,shame,etc)

Why is the furnace cold? Why is the pantry bare?
Why does the roof still leak? You drove your man out!(Shame,shame,shame,etc.)

An' now you want me back? Well I can tell you plain
You're gonna heed my word. Down on your knees girl!(Shame,Shame,Shame,etc.)