Shalamar Albums

  • Heartbreak Album (1/30/1984)
    Dancing in the Sheets
    Whenever You Need Me
    Don't Get Stopped in Beverly Hills
    My Girl Loves Me
    Melody (An Erotic Affair)

  • The Look Album (7/11/1983)
    Dead Giveaway
    You Can Count on Me
    Right Here
    No Limits (The Now Club)
    Disappearing Act
    Over and Over
    You're the One for Me
    You Won't Miss Love (Until It's Gone)
    The Look

  • Friends Album (1/29/1982)
    A Night to Remember
    Don't Try to Change Me
    Help Me
    On Top of the World
    I Don't Wanna Be the Last to Know
    Playing to Win
    I Just Stopped By Because I Had To
    There It Is
    I Can Make You Feel Good

  • Three for Love Album (11/1/1980)
    Full of Fire
    Attention to My Baby
    Somewhere There's a Love
    Some Things Never Change
    Make That Move
    This Is for the Lover in You
    Work It Out
    Pop Along Kid

  • Big Fun Album (8/30/1979)
  • Disco Gardens Album (8/28/1978)

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