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Born in Barranquilla, Colombia, Shakira’s first steps in
her creative life were developed at a very early age. As a
child, she would write short notes to her father, who
encouraged her to keep logging her thoughts and emotions
and was unintentionally fostering her ability to write song
lyrics. But writing wasn’t her only developing skill. By
the time she was seven, Shakira displayed an impressive
dancing ability when she joined a group of belly dancers at
a Middle Eastern restaurant. She showed she could emulate More...

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Review about Shakira songs
I Always Wondered What She Was Sayiing | Reviewer: Sgt. Meatballs Galliger
    ------ About the song Whenever, Wherever performed by Shakira

For some reason I got this song stuck in my, head, and I was hearing "blah blah and mumbo, blah blah blah / blah blah my tits are small and humble, so you don't confuse them with mountains", and I wanted to know what the hell she was saying.

After reading the song lyrics in the their entirety, I have gouged out my eyes. I am paying a homeless man to write this as I dictate. Let's be honest guys, even if you like Shakira, you have to admit that these lyrics are babyish nonsense, so vapid as to send a otherwise sane person on a murderous rampage.

I know that this was a number one pop hit when we were young (or a mere twinkle in out father's eyes), but after learning what she is actually saying, really, none of use can be blamed for stripping off all of our clothes, covering ourselves with feces, and running down the street yelling, "The end of times is upon us! Repent, before Satan's forces drag us down to the underworld and preform upon us unspeakable tortures on our genitals"!

That being said, I would still totally "do" Shakira, as long as she agreed to have duct tape put over her mouth.

underneath your clothes | Reviewer: Ime
    ------ About the song Underneath Your Clothes performed by Shakira

I just say that congratulation to you song,,,,cause I am very lyk it so much,& your boys also vry2 good,,, you are grateful cause god give you good boys....keyyy thnx I miss u...!!!! Ime
can you help me how to sing asong good boys????

I second what Benjamin says | Reviewer: Jackie
    ------ About the song Pure Intuition performed by Shakira

I agree with Benjamin. This song (the spanish version more so) actually evokes a feeling in me too.I think its everything about the song.The tune in which she sings the lyrics. The tune of the song. The synthesizers in the back ground giving it a electronic feel..or techno-y feel...the little tune towards the end that kinda sounds like a muffled trumpet is playing it..all that...just kinda...creates a euphoric, ecstatic, utopian feel... Im a rocker as well haha and i like pop songs from from the past or songs nowadays that contain these provoking qualities that evoke THAT FEELING. And I grew up with Shakira's music. Ive forgotten how awesome Shakira is. I was reminded of her for my hw, and now im here haha listening to old songs and feeling that beautiful feeling. :)

shakira rule while boys drule | Reviewer: skyler
    ------ About the song La Tortura performed by Shakira

i love u shakira ur the coolest person ever how do u now to move those hips thats awsome i hope u keep making new songs to dance to the beat and make a blast with I LOVE SHAKIRA IIIIIIIIIII LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

a desire,wish,hope..... | Reviewer: wildcat
    ------ About the song Hips Don't Lie - Bamboo performed by Shakira

i don't wanna correct the lyrics. Although, i have a desire tosing with u.
Will u please grant me a favour... Just tell me if i have a wish to sing on a stage in front of a huge cowd then which song i suppose to sing and how to chill myself before the performance?...

Iluminati | Reviewer: oneof1444
    ------ About the song Las de la Intuicion performed by Shakira

this song was an introduction to the occult Shakira expresses her love for Satan she clearly express her love for him before she enter the light (Born) people have to see things beyond what we can interpret.

music video intro music.. | Reviewer: sankha
    ------ About the song Objection (Tango) performed by Shakira

amazing song..gr8 rhythm... bt can anyone tell me smthng abt the music that plays right at d bgning of d music video.. d slow tune, when shakira is seen dancing with her ex lover.. b4 d main song actually starts...

errors made and explanation!!!!! | Reviewer: sarah
    ------ About the song La Tortura performed by Shakira

first when i saw the words since i speak spanish i saw so many words spelled wrong. i really don't know why they got the words wrong since spanish is so easy. i hate how they spelled the words wrong. i also hate how they put the words in pictures like $#@%^&*. gosh it's so disrespectful to spanish people.they were missing so many words to the song. you know the people who write the lyrics should listen to the song carefully. i love this song but you people make me sick. i don't think that you should keep writing if you are going to make errors. I AM SICK OF IT!
NOW the positive is that at least you tried to spell the words but i think you should hire someone who speak english and spanish and who knows how to spell both english and spanish,

The Irony | Reviewer:
    ------ About the song Illegal performed by Shakira

This song a piece of artwork when listened to in relation to the visual presentation, the epic tale of one man and his affections for two woman ...for two oppossite reasons. The intimacy shared with Shakira, lets on to her being his mystery woman , a muse or temptress of sorts . the woman who he confides in , the woman who selfellsly gives of her self, totaly escaping herself from the realty of the situation. Whi comes to break her fairy tale romance in the form of security and acceptabilty. How acceptable would it have been for a succesfull Black personality a la Joe Lewis , a man who was an icon in his time do the unthinkable and comit racial treason and marry let alone be seen in public with a white woman , even if he loved her
An all to familliar picture painted so sensually through the marriage of melody and picture ,
of giving up ones true love , for the sake of security , has to be ,unreffutably is Illegal

Love ur voice | Reviewer: Shivani
    ------ About the song Illegal performed by Shakira

Shakira this is one of my fav songs, this songs give a picture exactly wht happend with me. When i m sad i hear this song, n it gives me peace n reminding ur looking gorgeous in this song. Melodious voice, hope i can ever hear ur nice voice until i die. Thnx to share ur luvly voice to this world. We luv u :-) take care n keep singing. U rocksssss.

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