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Zendaya Shake Santa Shake Lyrics

Last updated: 12/24/2013 05:45:07 AM

Who's that dude in the cherry red suit?
Tearing up the floor, tonight
He's shaking his hips, got a sack full of gifts
And a beard that's crazy white

He's got the party rockin'
Candy canes and stockings
Dancing like he's Micheals
Spinning like the vinyls

Sleigh bells in the air
Favorite time of year
Where wishes come true,
That's how we do, yeah, that's how we do

Shake, Santa, shake it!
We know you're gonna take it
To the house tonight!
Shake, Santa, shake it!
We know you're gonna make it
Naughty never looked so nice!

We want that merry, merry!
We want that merry, merry!
We want that merry, merry!
Ho-ho-ho, yeah! [x2]

Let's keep it coming,
And prancer zipping, ain't no V.I.P
Rudolph's checking the list
He ain't never even gonna see

Calling all my boys and girls
Shaking up around the world
Everybody celebrate
Drop the beat and hit the brake!

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It is a TALENT | Reviewer: JulieAnne | 12/23/13

The way she describes this Santa is historical, " Shaking his hips", come on isn't it funny , he's just having a great time with his elves possibly. Her voice is soft, with a little "oh ya" at the end .If I were to say his age, I would say about 17 or 18, just trying to have fun . I thought she would lip sing at first, but after that video, it made me think she has a true TALENT!