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Some people just love a challenge. Grammy-winning
reggae/pop superstar Shaggy is one of those people. Like
the time he hit #1 around the world with his first major
label single ("Oh Carolina"), or the time he walked
unnoticed through a crowded arena before a concert, then
required an escort on the way out because of the mob of
newly-won fans. Shaggy's favorite challenge, however, is
one he poses to himself every time he enters the studio and
draws on his limitless hit-making talent. That experience
must have become routine for Shaggy More...

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Review about Shaggy songs
True love | Reviewer: Blessing Ehimare
    ------ About the song It Wasn't Me performed by Shaggy

I love this song alot,when i first had the song,its drive me crazy,each day i play it repeatedly cos its reminds me of my late sister cos she love the song alot.Shaggy weldone,u r good 2 go.

What A Great Song | Reviewer: Athanasius
    ------ About the song Strength Of A Woman performed by Shaggy

No better words in a song to extol the virtues and wonderful qualities lavished on the woman by GOD. I salute every genuine woman and girl. Thumbs up for Shaggy for this great song.

LOVELY | Reviewer: CAPTAIN10
    ------ About the song Strength Of A Woman performed by Shaggy

this is the best song ever sung about women,women are very special being on the face of the earth.thanks my mum and sisters GOD bless u all my wife to be and other women out there.loveky!!!

Amazing! | Reviewer: Mr.Baker
    ------ About the song It Wasn't Me performed by Shaggy

I absolutely love this song! I'm ten years old! It came out a pretty long time ago, and I just heard it on the radio in the kitchen, and started singing along. My mum looked at me with a with wide eyes and I just shrugged and said: "Eh, it's a good song, and very catchy!" After that, mum just went back to working. It was hilarious! I'm gonna be singing this all day tomorrow, and my friends just gonna be looking at me like I'm crazy when I sing the dirty parts. Love U Shaggy!

shaggy | Reviewer: luckynaoh
    ------ About the song Strength Of A Woman performed by Shaggy

I agreed with u man some of them they do not know the meaning of shaggy meaning is dirt But some where you gone wrong when you said (gad is women) ,,gad has no sex.., this simptomize dat your in satanic religion-the song is bad cause of that..even your name is verry dirty-change your mind set.

One in a million | Reviewer: Madu Dallas
    ------ About the song Strength Of A Woman performed by Shaggy

Strength of a woman is one of the best song performed by shaggy if you ask me, the song will reign for ever, but is quite obvious that some still do not understand the real aim and meaning of that song. enywhere that is life, some will like you while some hate

Mr. boombastic | Reviewer: sagar (shaggy)
    ------ About the song Mr. Boombastic performed by Shaggy

I'm Boombastic rated as the best, The best you should get nothing more nothing less.
This is the bestest line in this song.
This line is so excellent it makes me feels like as the best.

I like d music | Reviewer: julius
    ------ About the song Strength Of A Woman performed by Shaggy

He is just wondering! He never said God is a woman but wondering if God is a woman! Since God loves most, to compare that here on earth, women love most. Women are naturally loving, gentle, soft and caring.

strength of a women lyrics | Reviewer: anonymous
    ------ About the song Strength Of A Woman performed by Shaggy

The song talks about strength of a women i wonder who that lucky women is????? It is just so sad hearing the lyrics of the song................Iwant to say more but i just can not because it is just so touching

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    ------ About the song Angel performed by Shaggy

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