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Occasionally a blessing, but more often a curse, great
expectations are thrust upon those who possess
extraordinary talent and musical foresight. Given this
reality, gifted musicians must continually elevate their
performance to make relevant music, thereby satisfying both
their audience and themselves as artists. Shadows Fall
understand this concept and enjoy the challenge of
achieving that delicate balance between sonic brutality and
beauty. The band's third album, The Art Of Balance, reaches
that often-desired-yet-rarely-obtained More...

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Review about Shadows Fall songs
Shadows mother fucking god damn Fall! | Reviewer: TheGhostOfKeralia
    ------ About the song The Wasteland performed by Shadows Fall

The Wasteland combines traditional SF with melodic death metal to create a masterpiece. All kinds of metal head can enjoy this song, whether its Matt's death growls or his high cleans, or Brian's signature thrash screams. Almost everyone can find something they like. Overall a 10/10 from the thrash/metalcore giants that are Shadows Fall.

unforgetten | Reviewer: ahmed antipatico
    ------ About the song Another Hero Lost performed by Shadows Fall

can't stop listening this song , it brings within a lot of emotion .. it reminds me by old memories wich could not earase " I'll never leave you
But fate has come to silence me
Darkness is all that I see
I cannot reach you" ........................................

What the hell? | Reviewer: Jesse
    ------ About the song Thoughts Without Words performed by Shadows Fall

After all this time not one review for this amazing song? A crying shame, this song is what gets me pumped, a song for everyone to hear and realize that they have much more to learn. Don't stay to your beliefs, keep an open mind to the truth.

Simple Heartfelt Emotion. | Reviewer: Axel Rehor
    ------ About the song Another Hero Lost performed by Shadows Fall

Is it possible, that one single song, can make you want to cry all night long, and go out and rip apart the heartless blackened people out there at the same time? yes, it is, and this is that song. The words hit home, and the way the guitar is so soft and subtle, yet powerful at the same time, it just fills you with emotion. The solo, just so happens to be my favorite part. Because sometimes you don't need words or lyrics to explain how you feel about something, and the solo is a pure embodiment of every word in the song. It's just amazing.

Idiot | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song What Drives the Weak performed by Shadows Fall

Yeah, if you claim you're emo,
you're not.
You're just one of those lame asses who want to be, for whatever dumbass reason they have, usually for attention, which I would assume you're starving for considering you're posting a bad review of an amazing song and end up talking about yourself.


O M G | Reviewer: Timmeh
    ------ About the song Another Hero Lost performed by Shadows Fall

I love this song, totally amazing :D
Every time I listen to this song I am extremely close to crying - that is no lie, my eyes actually water.



PS. If you like this song you will probably like Deteriorate by Demon Hunter - Also awesome :D:D

omg so good | Reviewer: Shannon
    ------ About the song Another Hero Lost performed by Shadows Fall

i sang this song at my tanlent show and alomst everyone started crying!!! this song means so much to me because ive lsot people close to me in the war

This Really Speaks To You | Reviewer: Booth Thompson
    ------ About the song Another Hero Lost performed by Shadows Fall

This song is thrown right into the middle of a solid metal album, but putting head banging aside for a minute never felt so good. I have yet to lose anyone close to me in a war, but this song makes me think of all those who have and can bring a tear to my eye. Shadows Fall shows an immense amount of class and emotion with this song. To every hero out there...Thank You!

awesum | Reviewer: Shannon
    ------ About the song Another Hero Lost performed by Shadows Fall

if yall like this song then you'll love Avenged Sevenfold's "I Wont See You Tonight Part 1"......althought its 9 minutes long or so it doesnt feel like it and after you listen to that one listen to "I Wont See You Tongiht Part 2" that ones a little bit stronger but there fucking awesum songs

Wow..... | Reviewer: Daniel
    ------ About the song Another Hero Lost performed by Shadows Fall

This is the most powerful song I've heard in a long time. No song has ever made me want to cry, and scream for vengeance at the same time. God Bless the Armed Forces. The sorrow truly does build with every passing.

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