Shadows Fall Albums

  • Fire From The Sky Album (5/15/2012)
    The Unknown
    Divide And Conquer
    Weight Of The World
    Nothing Remains
    Fire From The Sky
    Save Your Soul
    Blind Faith
    Lost Within
    Walk The Edge
    The Wasteland

  • Retribution Album (9/15/2009)
    My Demise
    Still I Rise
    King Of Nothing
    The Taste Of Fear
    Embrace Annihilation
    Picture Perfect
    A Public Execution
    Dead And Gone
    Bark At The Moon

  • Threads Of Life Album (4/3/2007)
    Burning The Lives
    Storm Winds
    Failure Of The Devout
    Another Hero Lost
    Final Call
    Dread Uprising
    Just Another Nightmare

  • Fallout From The War Album (7/13/2006)
    In Effigy
    Will To Rebuild
    Haunting Me Endlessly
    Seize The Calm
    Carpal Tunnel
    Going, Going, Gone

  • The War Within Album (9/21/2004)
  • The Art of Balance Album (9/17/2002)
  • Deadworld Album (3/25/2001)
  • Somber Eyes to the Sky Album (5/16/2000)
  • Of One Blood Album (4/4/2000)

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