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This incandescent UK punk group came together under the
aegis of entrepreneur Malcolm McLaren during the summer of
1975. Periodically known as the Swankers, with lead
vocalist Wally Nightingale, they soon metamorphosed into
the Sex Pistols.

With a line-up comprising: Steve Jones(guitar), Paul Cook
(drums), Glen Matlock (bass) and Johnny Rotten (vocals).

The group signed to EMI Records which released their first
single, 'Anarchy In The UK'.

From Rotten's sneering laugh at the opening of the song to
the final seconds of feedback, it More...

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i wanna be : anarchy | Reviewer: ibrahim deathray
    ------ About the song ANARCHY IN THE UK performed by Sex Pistols

about the comment above saying he doesnt understand "coz i wanna BE anarchy" says it doesnt make sense. i think johnny meant it as "coz i wanna be : ANARCHY" like "because i wanna BE. it has to be anarchy" like only in anarchy does he see himself BEING. like, coz i wanna be free it has to be anarchy. like that.

Pronunciation | Reviewer: Wallace and gromit
    ------ About the song ANARCHY IN THE UK performed by Sex Pistols

He pronounced ''anarchist' to rhyme with anti-Christ. Also I don't know if it says " I want to BE anarchy". I mean, it sounds like that in the song, but that doesn't really make sense...

Belsen Revisited | Reviewer: Me
    ------ About the song Belsen Was A Gas performed by Sex Pistols

if you know the 'REAL' history of what happened, and i see that a couple of people here do, then you will understand the words.
if you learn who is really free, and who are not, that is a huge help also. hint - you would have to be free, to work in the music industry. this world is not what you think, as Mr. Lydon has been trying to point out for many years.

and if you understand the 'cut up' technique, used in Rock & Roll lyrics,
(sometimes used with a single word that is two dimensional, sometimes a phrase) that is the key to unlock the focus point of the writers. most listeners do not understand this yet. i say wake up and you will learn about your world.
and as predicted, tv shows are now popping up to say that this is all bull and confuse the masses once again.

i easily agree with those here who recognize the goal was for creating a free people and jewish state, and the Pistols seem to be the only band i can find, to point out the truth. hence, many of the bands' troubles continuing on, but they wanted truth,
among an industry of deception.

the only real band i ever heard.

wake up people.

Friggin in the riggin | Reviewer: Miles
    ------ About the song Friggin In The Riggin performed by Sex Pistols

Also used in the 1977 XXX movie Captain Lust and the Pirate Women.
In the last half of the movie after they find the treasure.
Though it sounds like Swingin in the Riggin. The rest of the lyrics are intact. Funny porn movie, had a lot of promise if they had spent a couple more hours on the script.

The Best | Reviewer: Matthew Andino
    ------ About the song My Way performed by Sex Pistols

Was there any song that Sid couldn't BUTCH'R the LIVING DAYLIGHTS OUT OF!!!!!!!!!!? No? Well There you have it.
If you're one of those who think the vocals are off, FUCK OFF! Cause ya dont know a grain of sand about PUNK. The roar of the guitar, thump and clash of the drums with the scathing drone of careless vocal assualt back'd by a bumm'd bass and recording room of half lights, drunk'n stupors, damag'd amps, and hours of drawn out tir'ng dreary nights at aband'n'd studio sess'ons with endl'ss amouts of pr'ssur' and not a world's care about one bit of it.

Doing it YOUR WAY, That's PUNK ROCK, my Fri'ends.
That's the Sex Pistols. RIP Sid V. My Hero

Wrong Lyrics | Reviewer: Pissed Off sex pistols fan
    ------ About the song God Save The Queen (Symphony) performed by Sex Pistols

These are not the God Save The Queen Symphony lyrics!! These are the God Save The Queen lyrics, there is a huge massive difference since they are 2 completely different songs that have no interlink what so ever

Awesome song! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Friggin In The Riggin performed by Sex Pistols

I got my friend at work (who liked Sex Pistols, but never heard this one) hooked to this song, and one night we were yelling the chorus while we were working. Luckily the other staff members couldn't tell what we were yelling. =P

Warning: Not The Sex Pistols | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Revolution In The Classroom performed by Sex Pistols

It may say on the single, but this was a scam band called The Ex Pistols made by the manager of the Sex Pistols before they were dropped by EMI. This is one good song, but I wish to give the warning.

Have some background research | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Belsen Was A Gas performed by Sex Pistols

Not all punk bands have anti-racist ideologies. There were skinhead punks who were racists. And Swastika is an ancient Buddhist symbol for peace. Get a research done before you comment on this song and blame Sex Pistols for racism.

punk rock | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle performed by Sex Pistols

Introduced to the 'Pistols by this song and loved it from first listen.... this song epitomises the energy in Sex Pistols songs....
steve jones is totally underrated as a guitar player but few people have come up with so many classic riffs on their album as Steve did for Never Mind The Bollocks.....

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