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R. Kelly Sex In The Kitchen Lyrics

Last updated: 01/07/2010 10:00:00 AM

Girl you're in the kitchen
Cooking me a meal
Something makes me wanna come in there and get a feel
Walk around in your t-shirt
Nothing else on
Strutting pass, switching that ass while I'm on the phone
Cutting up tomatoes, fruits and vegetables and potatoes
Girl, you look so sexy while you're doing the damn thang
I want

Sex in the kitchen over by the stove
Put you on the counter by the buttered rolls
Hands on the table, on your tippy toes
We'll be making love like the restaurant was closed

How would you like it, baby
(How would you like that?)
Tell me right now pretty baby
Hey man, I'm gon call you back

Girl you're in the kitchen, chillin in your robe
I'm saying to myself she better go put on some clothes
Tickling and teasing
Doing that little dance
Girl, you gon make me lay you down and give it to you one mo 'gain

[Chorus 2x]

Girl I'm ready to toss your salad
While I'm making love,I'll be feasting
Girl you're in the kitchen
Sweating up a storm
The oven's on 500
So you know the kitchen's warm
Girl you know just how to get into a brother's mind
Cause here we are still in this kitchen
Doing it for the third time

[Chorus (fades out)]

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shut thee f*ck up | Reviewer: anonymous | 8/26/09

i actually like this song and how could this song possibly be distasteful..!! there are more ppl than you think who have sex in there kitchen or all over there house for that fact probably some of your friends LOL this song was made for ppl who can relate to it if you are simple minded then you wouldnt have the slitest idea what he is talkin about to you this is like a child findin out his/her parents have sex...!!

HAHAHAHA | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/14/07

lmao i totally agree with anonymous there.. best song ever as far as lyrics that were meant to be taken seriously. you've turned sex in the kitchen into the most disgusting thought. the lyrics are distasteful and sexist bus bloody funny as hell to laugh at.

haha | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/12/07

this is by far one of the best songs that was supposed to be taken seriously

sex in the kitchen | Reviewer: this song sucks | 5/25/05

really, what kind of song is this? this song is ALMOST better than AIDS. who would want food with some male fluids for dinner?