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Cancerslug Sex Crime Victim Lyrics

Last updated: 08/13/2013 02:12:09 PM

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i can still remember how i found you in the gutter
you were torn and dismembered
you were left all alone with your pain
to remind you of the one that would bind you
with the duct tape alone you were left with no memories
come along with me and we will leave this land together
never mind those fucks that took your innocence away
just reach out your hand and you will be with me forever
in my broken heart is where you'll stay
time is like a burden
and life is so uncertain
there is so much more beauty that we can find in our pain
and if you will just be bold for a moment
just one more moment and then....
all the little angels want to be a sex crime victem
bloodstains on their hands and feet and left alone to bleed
if all the little angels want to be a sex crime victem
in my broken heart is where they will stay

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