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In late 1994 Vinnie Hornsby and Morgan Rose were playing in
a band called Snake Nation. At one of their gigs they were
supported by fellow locals Body & Soul, an R&B band fronted
by Lajon. Vinnie and Morgan were subsequently blown away by
Lajon's range and intensity and the immediate feeling was
that if they ever hooked up with this guy the results would
be amazing. So Vinnie and Morgan -- the best musicians of
their kind in town -- decided to do the only thing they
could do. They stole Lajon, the best singer in town,
grabbed More...

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Review about Sevendust songs
New sevendust comes out swingin! | Reviewer: Chris M.
    ------ About the song Faithless performed by Sevendust

The new sevendust cd,"Black out the sun", is most likely the best cd that they have put out in a long time. Granted, all their music is good but, this one really takes the cake! Great job guys!

Excellent track | Reviewer: Mel Ballam
    ------ About the song Waffle performed by Sevendust

One of my all time fav tracks, and I'm sure each person takes their own meaning from the lyrics which is what is intended but for me it represents looking for a light in the darkness that is this fake world full of clones who go day to day doing as their "told" and feeling like silent darkness when ur not like the rest of the clones and are a free thinker who dreams of something more

C.R | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Angel's Son performed by Sevendust

This is for my friend, who's uncle died very recently. I know he had so much left to say to him, and both him and his uncle live(d) their life by hiding their emotions.
I dedicate this song to my friend, because I am sure he was born from an angel, and his uncle as well.
My friend means everything to me, keep him safe please.

please enter a title for ur review | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Pieces performed by Sevendust

dude i just started to listen to sd and now i've realized this is what rock is all bout.and the fact that people like justin biber.hanna montana and that stupid shit better than sd.disturbed.slipknot and all of the other bands that make a difference proves that most people are stupid.

For all oour Love ones | Reviewer: Ana Donna Bongalos
    ------ About the song Angel's Son performed by Sevendust

When I heard this sing for the first time, way back, I think 2000, I know that Lajon wrote this for Lynn because of what happened to him way back 1998. I know that music industry especially Lynn's friends and fans are mourning beause of Lynn's tragically passing. Since then, I am hearing this song. It was a beautiful song and meaningful lyrics. My college friend and classmate passed away last Feb. 14, 2009, it was valentine's day. I dedicated this song for him, for Lynn and all those front man/woman who were gone ahaed of us. R.I.P. guys! We will miss you all!

a beloved father | Reviewer: Willow-Jaid
    ------ About the song Angel's Son performed by Sevendust

in May of 2011, my dad past away from a serious case of lung cancer, two years before this tradegy my uncle past in a motorbike accident. after my uncle past my dad plus my whole family was shattered, this song was dedicated to my uncle from my dad, but now that both are gone me & my family in deep love & honour dedicate this song to them. i love my dad & if this song meant alot to him it means alot to me. R.I.P dad & uncle troy i love yous endlessly, you may be gone but you live on through me. i miss you

Thank you | Reviewer: Dinorah L. Woodmansee
    ------ About the song Angel's Son performed by Sevendust

My son Hiram passed away in January of 2009 of a drug overdose. I was given a cd with this song on it by my boyfriend who ironically passed away two months later due to his alcoholism. Hiram was 18 and Rob was 36. This song was a great tribute to both of them. I play it a lot. There were so many things I had to say to both of them. Thank you for writing it!! RIP Lynn, Hiram, Rob and everyone else who has passed on.

An all time fav with a lot I meaning.. | Reviewer: Tina
    ------ About the song Face performed by Sevendust

One of my favorite songs.... It has a lot of meaning for me. I've been raped more than once... But this song for me will always signify that first time when my ex bf raped me. Anyway, it happened, whatever. It changed me forever and that night affected the course of the rest of my life, meanwhile he continued his, unchanged as far as I can tell... , but it's not like I'm gonna sit and cry about it forever. It is what it is, and everything happens for a reason. Carry on.

Tribute | Reviewer: Dan
    ------ About the song Angel's Son performed by Sevendust

The song was a tribute to former Snot singer, Lynn Strait who passed away.
Here is an article I found on Lynn:

Modern-metal act frontman's car collided with a truck Friday.

Lynn Strait, the snarling and often irreverent frontman of the modern-metal act Snot, was killed in a car crash in Los Angeles on Friday, according to his label, Geffen Records. He was 30.

The singer for Snot, who released their debut LP, Get Some, in 1997, was killed on southbound Highway 101 in Southern California, between his hometown, Santa Barbara, and Carpinteria. The crash occurred when his Ford Tempo collided with a truck as he was exiting the freeway at approximately 1 p.m.

Also killed in the three-car crash was Strait's dog, Dobbs, who appeared on the cover of the band's album.

terrific | Reviewer: zee
    ------ About the song Burn performed by Sevendust

I agree, this song is epic! i first heard it in a tribute video to Lord of the rings on youtube called Ascension and was immediately blown away. Truly great arrangement & very interesting song structure.

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