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Seven System Biography

Last updated: 01/31/2007

In the world of Christian Metal, a grungy mayhem of growling vocals, pounding drums, and chaotic riffs dominate the arena. Few bands have broken away from today’s trend to create their own style. In all of this, Seven System has positioned itself as one of the most musically diverse Christian bands in Metal today. From the foreign chords and beats of the track, “Shemoneh Esrei”, to the Harmonica solo in “Reflections”, to the rush of the single, “Hope Arises”, this Tennessee based group delivers with haunting vocals, complex rhythms, and searing guitar riffs that never grow stale.

Aside from the musical styling’s of Seven System, the band has dedicated itself to seeking and spreading the truth. The 5 piece presents that truth in the form of art and music every chance they get. Seven System has become one of the beacons bringing Christian Metal to a new level.

Matthew Pruett : Vocals, Harmonica
John Vanus : Guitar, Backing Vocals
Jason Summers : Guitar
Juan Carlos Hernandez: Bass Guitar
Anthony "Twahn" Ortega : Drums, Percussion


Over the last 50 years in the U.S. we have witnessed the deterioration of our Country, it's Government, and even the standing of the Christian Church. We as Americans and Christians have stood idly by and allowed this to happen. It is the God given mission of Seven System to shake people and wake them up to this reality. To motivate change, to inspire the REVOLUTION!