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Babyface Seven Seas Lyrics

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written by Marc Nelson, Babyface (1997)
performed by Babyface

Sitting by the window
All day thinking of you
Watching the days go by, I started to cry
But they weren't tears of sadness
They only meant I love you
And I wanna tell you girl that I, oh, I

I'll travel 'round the seven seas for you
It's written in the melody I adore you
I wrote my love a symphony
To show you there's nothing I won't do
Baby I'll walk around the China wall for you
If there's a way I'll do it all for you
Anything you want me to, you know I would do

People think I'm crazy, they say
I'm just a nothing
Letting my life pass me by
Believing you're with me
Well I can't speak for no one
But in my heart I know you love me
And that's why I'll always tell you I
Oh I, Oh I, Oh I


Do do do do do do
Do do do do do do do do
Do do do do do do


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good for your fantasy! | Reviewer: r&b guru | 3/30/2006

it's typically hard for me to come to terms with "anything you want me to, you know I will do"
But it's a beautiful song nonetheless.
someone might have been sprung,but he still did sound good when he sung!
p.s-if you ever get lovelone, this might be a good starting point dealing with the situation.
very good song for your fantasy!

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