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Seven Mary Three Biography

Last updated: 01/17/2012 11:00:00 AM

Seven Mary Three was born in 1992 when the two Jasons met while attending William & Mary College in Virginia. Initially, they performed as a duo with Ross singing, Pollock playing guitar, and both writing music. Later, Giti Khalsa and bassist Casey Daniel joined the fold, and the foursome played coffeehouses and clubs throughout the Southeast.

After releasing its first album, in 1994, the self-produced "Churn," and getting airplay on an FM rock station in Orlando for the "Cumbersome" single, the band relocated to that area. That regional success soon caught the attention of major-label scouts. The band signed with Mammoth and rerecorded the songs on "Churn," plus two new ones, for last year's "American Standard."

Source: LA Times 2/2/96, Mammoth Online