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Dark Lunacy Serenity Lyrics

Last updated: 04/15/2008 11:00:00 AM

See my eyes, my breaking own
The time has come and
Stolen me all
I'm walking to a puture lorn
Stand in peace
Where the silence grows
A sleeping angel in front of me
The stone and blood
Turn hand in hand, and show me
Garden gates so far from me
The fear to carry on
And this prayer is my only hope

Cover me, I'm feeling cold
I know the buran is blowing back
I'm waiting for the light
Until my human cry
Until serenity

Welcome clouds,
My autumn shades
Slowly burns your frozen grace
Lead me too, across my pain
Take me to ... Serenity
Storm of life,
Is breaking down the walls
Dark or shine,
The slaughter of mind
I'm afraid, watching over me
My lyrics arise

Wings of stone,
I'm praying on my knees
You know me, remember my name
Just a dream, or a strange reality
You're sleeping, I'm here ... awake

Welcome clouds,
My autumn shade
Slowly burns your frozen grace
Lead me too, across my pain
Take me to ... Serenity

Sign your face, my human cry
Drink my tears
And break the stone
Eternity, eternity
Take my hand ... Serenity.

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One hell of a song... | Reviewer: Fozzy V, | 4/14/2008

damn this thing´s got everything!!! a really sweet intro that turns out into a really cool melody along with the guitar and the drums followed by a little "prayer" thay´s accompained by a little violin tone... comes up as a melody and turns more like a violent death metal song! an awesome solo and epic guitar finale! this song´s got also really touching lyrics... like the prayer of a condemned person...