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Duncan Sheik Serena Lyrics

Last updated: 09/01/2002 09:02:33 PM

So what, life's rough
You should get over yourself
Like everyone else and enjoy
The girls and the boys
Everything in between

In an effort to avoid
The things that annoy you
You hide far, far away
And life just passes you by

Are you gonna give up? Are you gonna give out?
Ain't that a shame
You've got no one to blame
But your conscience
It doesn't make sense
I know that only too well

So tell me
Did it happen one day
When the day that you faced
Wasn't happening?
It just didn't bring
Anything more, anything more than despair

Serena, Serena

Do you remember?
Morning would come
Just like a child filled with the sun
And the hours never seemed long
Where have those days gone?

Beyond us or so you would believe
But I can't agree, those illusions
Will you ever get through them
And find the diamond
Find the diamond inside?

Serena, Serena
Serena, Serena