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Lacuna Coil Senzafine (English translation) Lyrics

Last updated: 12/07/2013 03:55:58 AM

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My time moves slowly
Gliding across the veil of my naked skin
If I should cross the border you made for me
maybe i would not be here

But not what sense does it make
To try and embrace a more pristine past
looking forward I will take the risk
but I'll find answers to my why's

All that you will be
has already been written
If he truly exists
This god has failed

Every word pronounced
Will be the mirror of your pain
reflecting the blame
Feeding the hate


I'll choose my destiny
If I'm able to resist

I am still standing in this moment of pure madness
I don't know anymore if I should desire good or evil
Although sin maybe gives me more

But now what sense does it make
To try to resist a written destiny
I'm not going to sit back and watch
Without trying to resist you

To wake me up


I'll choose my destiny
If I'm able to resist

To wake me up

There's no choice without me
There's no life without me

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