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Lacuna Coil Senzafine (English translation) Lyrics

Last updated: 12/07/2013 03:55:58 AM

My time moves slowly
Gliding across the veil of my naked skin
If I should cross the border you made for me
maybe i would not be here

But not what sense does it make
To try and embrace a more pristine past
looking forward I will take the risk
but I'll find answers to my why's

All that you will be
has already been written
If he truly exists
This god has failed

Every word pronounced
Will be the mirror of your pain
reflecting the blame
Feeding the hate


I'll choose my destiny
If I'm able to resist

I am still standing in this moment of pure madness
I don't know anymore if I should desire good or evil
Although sin maybe gives me more

But now what sense does it make
To try to resist a written destiny
I'm not going to sit back and watch
Without trying to resist you

To wake me up


I'll choose my destiny
If I'm able to resist

To wake me up

There's no choice without me
There's no life without me

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let's talk about the song? | Reviewer: notatruefan | 12/6/13

I really like the lyric:

I don't know anymore if I should desire good or evil
Although sin maybe gives me more

It's a universal symptom of the human condition in that many ways there's right and wrong for a society but they aren't always that simple to an individual. The cross roads are do you decide to do what's best for everyone or what's best for you. At least that's what I get from it.

only my opinion, but... | Reviewer: anonymous | 12/19/12

Okay, this needs to be said. Evanescense and Lacuna Coil are both amazing bands. Lacuna coil's style is very much en masse, there is a lot more of a group talking in their lyrics. Like they are speaking to a crowd.

Amy is more personal, like she is talking to her audience individually. I do NOT agree that Ben's lyrics were poor or were "cheesy". "Fallen" as an album was was a way of introducing their european and british fans to their music, it was also a joint project. Amy AND Ben wrote the lyrics, you cannot judge the album on who wrote it when they both wrote it.

=) | Reviewer: Milla387 | 8/22/11

Please,stop compairing Evanescence and Lacuna Coil.They have totally different genre,but I love both bands.Evanescence was the first band in my life,for what I could even die,but now they changed their genre and I don't like it.I listen to Lacuna Coil only 4 or 5 days ago,but I already love them,and when I listen to this song I feel that what I felt when I herad Evanescence for first.And I like this feeling,and I want to feel it always when I listen to music.

Lacuna Coil <3 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/26/10

thought this was about the lyrics lol everyone's justifying some next bullshit. FYI the lyrics to 'The Shallow Life' album was written prior to them picking the producer:) i love the lyrics to this song, there's a sense of determination to be autonomous in the words. They have this kinda physical strength to it. i can kinda sing along to the lyrics despite not speaking any Italian (tunelessly of course). Lacuna Coil <3

Seriously? | Reviewer: The Girl | 4/14/10

Why is it every time that someone mentions Lacuna Coil or Evanesence that everyone must go out on a limb to act crazy as f!? I love both bands alot, Lacuna was the first I found great music in, not the case anymore since don gilmore destroyed every shred of originality that the band had. Amy is completely different than Cristina. There you go! Easy as that! If you like Opera-ish type infused with modern rock there is Evanescence. If you like hit below the belt rock turned crappy pop you have Lacuna. Too bad ignorance gets the best of you people!

To Rayne | Reviewer: Beans | 3/27/10

Clearly Amy Lee writes her own music because you can compare the two albums and see how garbage the FIRST album was. The Open Door is so much better than Fallen. It's a real album. not that nu-metal shit. Ben Moody's crappy lyrics and music are nowhere on the new one and it makes it so much better. I'm not saying that I don't like Fallen, but The Open Door just has so much warmth and emotion in it. But enough of Ev, cause this page has nothing to do with them

Lacuna Coil on the other hand, I feel had more emotion in their first few albums and EPs. As their last one feels too commercial. I love Ev and LC very much. I have tattoos discretely devoted to them. ( i actually just got senzafine tattooed on me yesterday.)

They are both great bands in their own respect. And should never be compared because they are both completely different.

Lacuna Coil is LACUNA COIL | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/18/10

Why ppl keep comparing Lacuna Coil w/ Nightwish? Both bands decided to make different styles, they're not trying to be better than other they just go with their OWN style.

But well I'm more open-minded so I listen to each band with a "new ear", I mean I don't put a new gothic metal CD in my system and thinks "ok now lets see how much alike or different FROM NIGHTWISH this band is..."
No band OWNS the name of a style to make everything to be compared with it.

Lacuna Coil is awesome. | Reviewer: Rayne | 3/6/10

To snoochie.
Cleary Amy Lee doesn't write her own music because you can compare the two albums and see how garbage her lyrics have become. Plus if you look on the back of Fallen, the only one she really wrote by herself was Hello for her dead sister.

Snoochie Boochies! | Reviewer: I'd Hit It | 11/17/09

To Rayne,

Amy Lee and Cristina Scabbia have completely different styles, yes. However, Amy Lee does not sound like a walrus. And correction, she DOES write her own music. Get your facts straight before you begin bashing on her.

Lacuna Coil Rocks Airborne Ranger Style! | Reviewer: LTCRockyTitanium75thABRangers | 7/21/09

Being Italian-American, I love it when this lovely angel Cristina sings in my papa's tongue. It is a joy to listen to her sing Senza Fine and Comalies! The hidden nuances of the romantic Italian language is not easily translated into English. Ti amo Cristina e Lacuna Coil.

Best Girl fronted band | Reviewer: Rayne | 1/4/09

She sounds nothing like Amy Lee, I dont know how you can confuse the two. Amy sounds like a walrus that opened her mouth, and Cristina sounds like an Angel. Plus, Cristina doesn't need someone to write her songs for her.

Translation | Reviewer: carlo | 7/13/07

The translation is mostly good until

I am still standing in this moment of pure madness
I don't know anymore if I should desire good or evil
Although sin maybe gives me more

its like this
my time slips slowly as that last breath assures what i already feel

YAY | Reviewer: bobby bobson (again) | 6/9/07

I STILL love smoking crack!!! with EVERYONE!!! you should smoke crack with me sometime. We'll have lots of fun... baking cookies, riding bicycles, smashing vans, and washing dishes. We'll do even more than that! We can even go to my grandmother's house and watch old movies... from the 1930's!!! HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!?!?!
call me sometime. my phone number is 563-579-9973
and bring a crackpipe. my neighbor stole mine. WHAT A BITCH!!!!

Lovely with my grandma | Reviewer: Bobby Bobson | 6/9/07

i thought this song was just so lovely. It was swell. it made even my dog happy. I love smoking crack with my grandmother. Lacuna coil is amazing.

title | Reviewer: z0mb13d0ll | 5/29/07

It's okay.
I like the Italian songs, because when she sings in English I cannot tell if it's her or Amy Lee.