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Frank Sinatra Sentimental Journey Lyrics

Last updated: 08/19/2014 11:05:45 AM

Writer(s): Brown/Homer/Green

Gonna take a sentimental journey
Gonna set my heart at ease
Gonna make a sentimental journey
To renew old memories

Got my bag, I got my reservation
Spent each dime I could afford
Like a child in wild anticipation
Long to hear that: "All aboard!"

Seven, that's the time we leave at - seven
I'll be waiting up for heaven
Counting every mile of railroad track - that takes me back

Never thought my heart could be so yearning
Why did I decide to roam
Gotta take this sentimental journey
Sentimental journey home

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February Anniversary | Reviewer: JD | 8/18/14

This song sung by Frank with all his nuances in tone & emotion really bring back memories of a time past, with promises of long time endearment , and enduring love & for going forward to a Sentimental Journey. This was my sister-in-law and brother's wedding song, I was a young child but will never forget this song sung by Frank. Grateful for have heard it a such a tender age.

Sentimental Journey | Reviewer: Julie Amerman | 6/17/14

I have sung this song all my life when we were packing up to start on a trip. Doesn't matter who I was going with, my Mom, my Husband, or friends. I would always sing this song. It brings back memories that I had when traveling with anybody. I love to hit the road, and this song says it all.

Keep fixing the Broken Spokes | Reviewer: Sharon Wilson | 5/22/11

This is the version of the song My parents had at the wedding in Toronto on June 2, 1945 and as the are finally going to be reunited at Balmy Beach, ON to finally be reunited once again after 41 plus years, I would like this one for background music at the grave side reunion.