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Sentenced was formed in Oulu, Finland, back in 1989. The
founding members were Miika Tenkula, Sami Lopakka and Vesa
Ranta. At this point in time Sentenced were playing pure
European death metal. Their first demo entitled "When death
joins us? (1990) saw the light of day early next year. Soon
after the recordings of the first demo, the band also
enlisted the services of a new vocalist and bass-player
named Taneli Jarva. Not long after Sentenced signed a
record deal with a small French label, which released their
debut album entitled More...

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Review about Sentenced songs
great song | Reviewer: mody
    ------ About the song End Of The Road performed by Sentenced

i only knew 1 song for sentenced then i found that song and watched it live on there last concert . it made me almost cry the idea of the last song and last solo played by mike and the band can only be described by the words : Sorrowful yet glorious somehow .

Intentionally devastating. | Reviewer: Malachi Smith
    ------ About the song End Of The Road performed by Sentenced

For those who are unaware, this album was planned to be the last album the band created together. It wasn't by chance that this song was the finale to Sentenced, it was completely intentional.

What was not intentional, however, was Miika Tenkula's untimely death due to a heart attack. End of the Road features one of his last known recorded guitar solos.

Home in Despair | Reviewer: Bojan
    ------ About the song Home In Despair performed by Sentenced

It's pity that this song hasn't got any comments yet. 'Crimson' is one of the few albums that I'm really emotionally attached to, and this song is the soul of the album. Too bed I'll never hear it live performed by Sentenced.

R.I.P & Love eternally | Reviewer: Sahyle
    ------ About the song Brief Is the Light performed by Sentenced

R.I.P We all loved you, whether the world knew or no.
You are the heart and soul to many and forever shall be so.

For brief is the time, so brief is the time,
That we're allowed to stay.

Love eternally and rock the ages with your music and purity of wisdom. Forever yours, we WILL hear the words you said to us. This song has touched me in ways I can never voice and for all the times I have been touched and aided by their music, I am forever indebted to you.

My generation | Reviewer: Shay
    ------ About the song Vengeance Is Mine performed by Sentenced

I never knew about Sentenced until around 2010, which was too bad because I thoroughly enjoy their music. My first song was also "Excuse Me While I Kill Myself" and it was amazing. Actually helped me while my life was difficult. "Cross My Heart and Hope to Die" is positively wondrous also! I only pray that more people of my generation (ages 15-20) knew of Sentenced for the music of today is pure trash.

Memories | Reviewer: Leah R
    ------ About the song We Are But Falling Leaves performed by Sentenced

This song is so sorrowful. Its too true...
Everytime I hear it, I think of all the people in my life who have gone on their way, who now rest in graves. It makes me cry...
It also makes me think of every child in this world of ours who has been murdered. It is just far too sad.

Shades Of Infinite Lunar Supernatural Gothicisim | Reviewer: Toure Cannon
    ------ About the song Dead Moon Rising performed by Sentenced

This song is soooooo beautifully written it reminds me of the Greek diety Diana. I say that because there are a lot of Gothic Metal bands out there with song titles about Pagan Imagery. For example;CradleOfFilth:Under Huntress Moon.Octavia Sperati:Moonlit Moonspell:Luna and so when I think of songs about the moon: these r some of the artists that come to mind.

beautiful | Reviewer: shayla
    ------ About the song Drown Together performed by Sentenced

most people think that bands like sentenced, dark tranquility, ect. are just about anger. but they're not. this song proves it. it is a beautiful song about love,and the effects it has on you. love this song. its a love song, but still has the rock edge to it, which is a nice combination of the light and dark recesses of the world.

... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Guild and Regret performed by Sentenced

Sorry to read that man, just remember to talk about that with other people, not just writing it on the internet. I don't blame you to "depend" on alcohol to make you feel better, but try to depend more on others and damn, on this fucking amazing song, to try to feel better. You're not alone with that feeling, just keep speaking your mind and never stay too long with those thoughts, they drive people mad.

Last of the last ones | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song End Of The Road performed by Sentenced

Last song for the eternal suiciders. The fact that the last half of the song is basicly one great solo makes its existence even more greater. Sentenced helped me a lot with shit and I hope anyone who comes across it will get as much help as I did.

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