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Not many musicians influenced by punk, hardcore and metal
are also well versed in poetry, literature and comparative
religion. Then again, not many musicians are in Senses Fail.

While dozens of their peers continue to create
soul-rendering music about the girls who shattered their
hearts and ruined their lives, the Bergen County, New
Jersey five piece takes a more intellectual approach to
sonic catharsis. Even the name Senses Fail comes from
frontman Buddy Nilelsen's interest in spirituality.

"In Hinduism, they believe that being More...

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Review about Senses Fail songs
what the actual fuck | Reviewer: jus tanother senses fail fan
    ------ About the song Can't Be Saved performed by Senses Fail

cmon, are all of you freaking serious? i don't get on the internet expecting to see fucking five year olds arguing over a song. who gives a damn what was behind the video or the actual song? i think this song great, and senses fail is an amazing band. to all of you who are arguing just to argue, stuff it. there's one thing we all have in common here and its that we all love senses fail. it shouldn't really matter what personal beliefs we have. i myself am a christian, but i don't plaster every god damn place. if you believe, that's great. if not, that's alright too. we all as humans have the right to live how we want to. so, quit the bullshit arguing and get along LIKE ADULTS. i wish no ill to anyone. well, that's all i had to say

my two cents | Reviewer: drew
    ------ About the song Can't Be Saved performed by Senses Fail

Although I do not know what this song litterally means I related it to my own life. I feel like it might have something to do with depression, alcoholism, and contemplating suicide. Also about going through life without any meaning. Whether you are stuck in the work and life cycle (comatose) or just by staying in your room with all the lights out listening to senses fail with a 26oz of jd because you are depressed. Lol

Fucking Amazed! | Reviewer: CaffeineRocket
    ------ About the song To All the Crowded Rooms performed by Senses Fail

Ever since i started listening to senses fail i have fell in love over and over with their songs! To All The Crowded Rooms is no exception to this. To me this is about music and the way i brings people life so to speak. Now i have no idea what the true meaning of this song is but this is just how i interpret this and love this wonderful song!

Senses Fail. | Reviewer: Deanna Rivera
    ------ About the song Lifeboats performed by Senses Fail

Senses Fail taught me to follow MY bliss and that it's always darkest before the dawn.. Senses Fail was there for me when no one else was, and I thank Buddy Nielson everyday for understanding me, even though we've never met and probably never will. He's my idol, and I love every song that SF has ever put out. I'm obsesses with this band, and I'll be singing there powerful, beautiful lyrics till the day I die.

Lyrics | Reviewer: Mike
    ------ About the song Cinco De Mayo performed by Senses Fail

This song is definitely about addiction and the hell you go through in recovery... And a pretty accurate depiction.. Good song. Couple lyric corrections:
"I can't go back THROUGH all this now"
"A mess of APATHY"

Mike doesn't suck! You guys are so stupid | Reviewer: Brittani sucks
    ------ About the song Can't Be Saved performed by Senses Fail

Ok course mike takes the bible literally, every true Christian does! And if you feel offended then im sorry but it's true! Second of all, the bible says, as a commandment, do not be sexually immoral, and I'm sorry all of the stupid gay guys there are, but being gay is being sexually immoral and if you defend that point then you will go to hell because you won't have asked God into your heart! Oh and to anybody that loves swearing at Christians I'm probably never coming back for the reviews so if you want to swear, might as well do it where people will actually listen! Oh and Mike dont take what they say personally!

Mhmmm | Reviewer: Dr.Dr.Givemethenews
    ------ About the song Can't Be Saved performed by Senses Fail

I believe this song is about being yourself and not trying to go along with society. If you're a drunk, be a drunk. If you're gay, live it up. Do what makes you happy and be who you want to be.

we <3 senses fail | Reviewer: john and will
    ------ About the song Lifeboats performed by Senses Fail

this band is an amazing, but very under-rated band, they are the bomb, and we have never heard a band quite like them which hits the spot with heavy lyrics, but some slow meaning ful yunes as well as some amazing, energetic songs, like this.

The Gospel Frees us From Guilt | Reviewer: Brad
    ------ About the song The Rapture performed by Senses Fail

I have actually currently been struggling with this issue, but I am constantly reminded that it isn't about what "religion" we are. It is about our understanding of the gospel, the good news about what Jesus did for us. Live a perfect life, experienced the death we should have experienced due to our sin, and rising from the dead showing his power over death and it is simply through faith in Him that allows us to live a guiltless life because our sins and things that cause us this guilt was taken upon the cross when Jesus died on that cross. And for those who believe in Jesus this is good news. Psalm 103:12 says "as far as the east is from the west, so far does he remove our transgressions from us." This is grace at its finest and I challenge everyone to examine the bible for themselves because I agree if you are forced into something and don't understand why you are doing what you are doing it is frustrating, but I would say check out the Bible for yourselves and do not just take other peoples words for it.

While that may be... | Reviewer: Tyson
    ------ About the song Angela Baker and My Obsession With Fire performed by Senses Fail

While I agree with you Sean, that every song is more than just words, it's an expression of life's experiences, pain, heartbreak, suffering, etc. You have to admit that across a few of sf's songs it's almost telling a story. For example, on Still Searching you can put a story together, it's especially apparent when you listen to all the best cowboys have daddy issues, negative space and the priest and the matador together.

Anyways, amazing song, amazing album, and f**king awesome band.

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