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Akon Senegal Lyrics

Last updated: 01/27/2013 01:59:57 PM


[INTRO: Akon Talking]

Yo. In case you ain't know, I go by the name of Akon...and I'm from (Africa! Africa!)
Home of the Goree Islands - I'm from Senegal, West-side (Africa! Africa!)
So I'ma share with you where I'm from and how I was comin' up (Africa! Africa!)

[Verse 1]

So what you know about the struggles that my people went through so you can live the way you live now
So what you know about seeing that brand new mother givin away her newborn child
So what you know about Mr.Amadou diallo, a Senegalese, cops shot down
So what you know about how people love to perceive us when we come into a brand new town
So what you know about the Goree Island, where all the slaves were shipped from
So what you know about being born in America to avoid immigration


Still from the ghetto ooohh of Senegal (Africa!Africa!)
Comin' from the ghetto ooohh of Senegal (Africa! Africa!)
Comin' from the ghetto ooohh of Senegal (Africa! Africa!)
Yes, I'm comin' from the ghetto ooohh of Senegal (Africa! Africa!)

[Verse 2]

So what you know about Thienboudienne,Yassa, Tcherey and Maafey, my favourite foods
So what you know about niggas throwin rocks, bustin' shots at the military invadin my hood
So what you know about kids with automatic machines waiting for the war to get on that side
So what you know about how God comes first in our lives, everything that we do is for Allah
So what you know about that Holy place called Touba where Prophets were born
So what you know about comin here, gettin money and investing it back home


Right in the ghetto oooo of Senagal (Africa! Africa!)
Give it to the ghetto oooo of Senegal (Africa! Africa!)
Take it to the ghetto oooo of Senegal (Africa! Africa!)
Send it right to the ghetto ooo of Senegal (Africa! Africa!)

[OUTRO: Akon Talking]

Now see that's just a little piece of how it is (Africa! Africa!)
See, but we can come together and make it 'lot better back home (Af-ree-caa! Africa!)
So don't complain about how they treating you here, take your millions of dollars there, back to (Africa! Africa!)
We own that land, we own those diamonds, (Africa! Africa!)
We kings man, we dont take orders, we give em.
Think about it.

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my name is Moneybagz.realname Kenneth Bissong Charles.I saw you in calabar festival 2012 december 28. | Reviewer: Moneyb@gz | 1/27/13

I made my way to the front,hoping I'd be given the chance to sing my favourite of all your songs(keep on calling)but I wasn't.I admire mother,my father,my freinds n love ones all know I am your number 1 fan.I am an artist,my stagename used to be konvict b4 I changed it to MoneyB@gz for originality.I love you akon.I was beaten by force men trying to get a grip of your hand in calabar,but I know b4 we leave this earth I'll see you n all this things,I'll be telling you face to face."Stop complaining about how they are treating you here,take your millions back home to africa!africa!"My best line in the song senegal.much love.see you soon my brother from another mother

In life only your loved once believes you | Reviewer: Mukhtar nigerian | 11/2/12

Wit these few refrence i am fully contented dat akon is a muslim. As he said "everything we do is for ALLAH", so if you are a muslim you to Allah not anybody. If no one believes you and Allah do believe you it's fine.
We true aliuane fans should put dis in back of our mind you cannot be as famous as akon and be free from criticesment. All these things are burdens of life let carry them along and be strong. To prove to our enemies that there threat is nothing.

I m proud of Akon | Reviewer: Mohammed Hashim | 10/10/12

My name is mohammed Hashim,I m a Ghanaian and living in Ghana.A kon u are my best musician in this wold.And i m so proud of u for being a muslim.pls Akon i will be so greatful if u can take me as yur friend. I wish i could b a woman,like i will let u pregnated me.I thank u for raising Africa name big,may god bless fone number is +233267139515,And my email Adress is

Akon fan | Reviewer: Ahmed Ali Adams | 9/10/12

I love akon too..........and blieve he's a muslim too. But i still want him to let people who does'nt blieve to blieve through song dat he's true muslim. Thank you and wish you all the best!

I believe akon is a muslim | Reviewer: Anas bashir from kano state nigeria | 8/4/12

I believe akon is a muslin becouse no body that he called him self as a muslim or christer if he is not found wether in muslim or christer in another hand muslin never call him self as christer and christer never call him self as muslim then i saw one of the akon song that he enter the moisqe thank you

Waoo Waoo Waoo Akon 4 Life | Reviewer: Murtala Habib Mustapha 08097245797 | 5/9/12

Akon we love u so much am Habib from Kaduna Nigeria i love u... Am 1 of your fans may Allah be with u but i wil like u 2 said it in 1 of ur album dat u are a muslim my phone no. Is 08097245797 Thanks

i'm so hppay to him because i'm Senegalese | Reviewer: Mouhamed fallllllllll | 5/1/12

but i have one probleme why american people would like put the blame on him he don't do nothing he's just and ordinary man with a voice please enemies do as him fuck you all akon's enemies why you don't like Akon please listening no labels you gonna see that Akon love american as he love africa but what's the probleme
I love Akon so so so happy for him i'm Senegalese and i'm proud to be it

its not good to judge people | Reviewer: khady123 | 2/18/12

all of you that are making bad comments about akon. better back off right now. cause none of you have the nerve to say something bad about him because all of you made mistakes so before talking about him look at yourself again. cause you aint cute so dont put the blame on him and before judging people look at your face and judge that thing . so next time if i see anymore of theses stupid comment on this page my feast will be right in your face so dont think your perfect cause your not and nobodys perfect. and dont be jealous because akon is the best and is famous but your not. lol

I totally believe akon is a muslim. | Reviewer: Toheeb alake | 10/22/11

Wit wat he said and the name 'ALLAH',he mentioned i believe he his a muslim,thiam just pls keep it up,i think being a muslim brought him to were he is now,and also it also a certificate pass to heaven,just maintain that.once again its T-LAKE(toheeb alake).love ya,bye now.

je voudré me confié a toi akon | Reviewer: ndiaye | 5/7/11

akon akon akon;les fleurs se fanent les mémoirs s'effaces l'histoir s'oubli le soleil se couche l'hivernage s'arréte tout début a un fin mais un homme comme toi restera toujours graver dans nos mémoirs vraiment tu es inoubliable.tout le senegal est avec toi

akhlaaq | Reviewer: Kaou | 12/4/10

TeaBissimilah my name is kaou siby i'm from mali akon he's my favorite artis in the world lm he's big fan I love him soo much and iI pray for him I belive his muslim no doubt I see him prynig by my own eyes i meet with him couple time I know hes parents hes maried for three wive he belive polygamy only islam alawe polygamy no any other religion he say how god com first in our life everthing we doing for allah we can't judge him what is in his heart only god know that but his outside shown his muslim trust me if im rong I ask god to forgive me by the way I love him hes great man hes doing lot good thing helpping to many poor pepole in africa he got fondation for childern in africa I wish for him more more best.

He is muslim | Reviewer: Imad-Eddine | 10/28/10

Hi everybody
Im muslim and im a big fan of akon and i know a lot of things about him , so he is a muslim , i saw a video on youtube where he was Praying , and i saw an intervien on tv that he said " my religion Islam made for me a perfect persinality" and he said also "When GOD"ALLAH" solves your problems, You have faith in HIS Abilities ; When GOD doesn't solve your Problems he has faith in your Abilities." And everybody makes a host of mistakes and we know nothing what in his heart , finally he got a foundation for kids in africa(more information "zakat"). and Thank you and im sorry for my english (isn't good).

Ilove akon | Reviewer: abdoulrahman | 9/18/10

Am Rwandan nationality.ilove akon very much but i have question about him and my question is.. alioune akon thiam is a muslim or not?help me to found akon's adress email is because ilove him so much

My name is Bashir bin Bello | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/21/10

Hi i want you to know that we have good and bad muslim but all knew is muslim is a person who belive in allah and his messenger that is prophet muhammed,and follow the culture and tradition of islam,that person is a muslim.if akon do so he is a muslim.

don`t say something if you don`t know or sure.. | Reviewer: sidy ahmed ndiaye | 5/20/10

hey guys.. i wanna thank you all for participating in this comments, it makes us to know the truth from lies.. i know Akon is a muslim was born muslim.. but i am not going to talk about that a lot.. i am answering those who keep laying to people.. where did you read or learn that Touba is Makka or Touba in Arabic means Makka this is lie my brother. i did all my studies in Arabic language that`s why i am not good at English. we can`t deney that thoses people who fond or creat Touba in Senegal are so great and did a lot to Islam. very knowlegable people they are.. but the people to day are using their names in a very very wrong way.. read well or be sure before you talk.. thanks you all..