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  • The Awakening Album (9/18/2006)
    Everything Is Not Under Control
    Follow Your Programming
    Blood Fever
    Twlight Of The Flies
    Disaster Song
    This Crowd Is Crushing Me
    Flail Of God
    The Unclean
    Vital Signs
    I Am Every Dead Thing

  • Tales Told By Dead Men (Split with Zombie Apocalypse) Album (7/12/2005)
    Zombie Apocalypse - Just Meat
    Zombie Apocalypse - God I Hope The Data Is Lying
    Zombie Apocalypse - Breaking Off Fingers
    Zombie Apocalypse - Murder Be A Lady Tonight
    Zombie Apocalypse - Tale Told By A Dead Man
    Send More Paramedics - [Intermission Of The Dead]
    Send More Paramedics - From The Void
    Send More Paramedics - Zombie Vs. Shark
    Send More Paramedics - Funeral
    Send More Paramedics - Nothing Tastes Like This
    Send More Paramedics - This Is The Place Of Wailing And The Gnashing Of Teeth

  • South Of Heaven, North Of England (Split with The Nothing) Album (3/12/2005)
    The Nothing - Misery
    The Nothing - The Seven Daggers
    Send More Paramedics - Heavy Metal Cowboy
    Send More Paramedics - 245 Trioxin

  • The Hallowed And The Heathen Album (9/1/2004)
    The Hallowed
    Driven To Destruction
    Desert Of Skulls
    Zombie Crew
    No Fucking Joke
    I Can Feel Myself Rotting
    Burning The Body
    A Necklace Made Of Teeth
    The Time Before I Turn
    Cranial Blowout
    Easy Meat
    The Heathen

  • A Feast For The Fallen Album (9/1/2002)
  • Demo Album (9/1/2001)

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