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Selena was born to Marcela and Abraham Quintanilla on April, 16, 1971. She was the third and last child after Suzzette and Abraham Junior III. As a little girl of 8 years old Selena worked singing at bars, weddings, restaurants, fairs, and such. The band she worked in was called "Selena Y Los Dinos" formed by her father, Abraham Quintanilla. Her sister, Suzzette, played the drums and her brother, Abraham Junior, played the bass.

Selena barely enjoyed her childhood. She used to always play challenging games in school and with neighborhood friends. Dolls were not much her style, Selena was athletic (e.g. running, hide and seek, basket ball, climb trees and such). Instead of having a normal childhood, her father, a professional and experienced Musician and ex-member of the original "Los Dinos" from the nineteen-sixties, influenced Selena and her three brothers to be dedicated Musicians. A boyfriend could have never been on her schedule, considering music as a carrier was a time consuming business.

The Country/Tex-Mex band officially started in 1981. The band was considered to be the "family business" of the Quintanilla family. This business was the main source they relied on to put food on the table. Since 1981 until late 80's the family went through very rough times. They barely had money for food, had to apply for food stamps, and on many occassions, they could not afford to pay a motel. Time and patience was what kept them going.

In the late nineteen-eighties Selena Y Los Dinos gained popularity in the western states, which by then Mexican immigrants were more prominent in the United States than ever. Due to all the work imposed by the music business Selena abandoned school. Nevertheless, Selena Y Los Dinos savored their first success in 1986 when Selena received the "Female Vocalist Of The Year" and "Performer Of The Year" awards at the Tejano Music Awards. Since then the band has been among the top winners, taking awards in numerous categories year after year. Selena Y Los Dinos then went from bar performers to national performers. They appeared on "El Show De Johnny Canales", "Siempre En Domingo", "Sabado Gigante", "El Festival De La Calle Ocho" and other prestigious shows.

By the early nineties Chris Perez entered the band as the Guitarist. As it is to expect, Selena without a boyfriend and Chris without a girlfriend, the fortunate Guitarist lost no time in dating the beautiful Vocalist. Selena's father, Abraham, totally opposed to the relationship and threaten to suspend Chris Perez from the music group. This was not seen as a threat at all, Selena could have been a solist and there were Rock 'n Roll bands offering contracts to Chris. The couple had deaf ears for Abraham's threats and married on April 2, 1992.

As Selena's popularity spread through out the Latin world, Yolanda Saldivar, a thirty-two years old certified Nurse in Texas, found Selena in a concert in 1993. In that same year, Yolanda immediately contacted the singer's fan club organization and left numerous messages on the answering machine. Abraham, father and manager of Selena, was intrigued and hired her as the president of Selena's fan club.

A couple of months later, Yolanda met Selena personally and describes her first encounter as "meeting Whitney Houston". Yolanda Saldivar, obsessed or not, gained access to the personal life of Selena. She became the chaperon and intimate friend of Selena Quintanilla. It is rumored that the Nurse and the Vocalist shared secrets. These "secrets" were the bound between these two friends.

Selena not satisfied with all of her music's success, she aspired to be a fashion Designer with Martin Gomez, a professional young Designer in Texas. In 1994 Selena opened her first boutique "Selena, Etc. Inc." located in 5410 Leopard St. Suite B. in the heart of Corpus Christi, Texas. Another two stores followed, one in San Antonio, Texas and another in Monterrey, Mexico. The naked truth is that at that time non of her boutiques were going well.

By early 1995 Yolanda is being confronted by Abraham Quintanilla, who alleges Yolanda Saldivar was stealing money from the fan club. Yolanda denied the accusation. Selena and her father met with the fan club's president to question her about the issue. Yolanda had no concrete answers and Selena suspected she was guilty of fraud. Obviously, Selena felt betrayed.

In March 31, 1995, Yolanda arranges to meet with Selena in the Holiday Inn in Corpus Christi, Texas at 6:00 A.M. The president of the fan club says she wants to give all the documents to Selena in person and in private. The singer agreed to meet with Yolanda in person and in private. When Selena arrives to the motel, Yolanda told her that she was sexually abused in Monterrey, Mexico before arriving to Corpus Christi, Texas. Selena then drove her to the clinic for a general check up. The doctor found no serious evidence of sexual abuse. By around 11:00 A.M. Selena and Yolanda returned to the motel. Once inside the room, Selena asked for the missing documents, Saldivar only returns incomplete documents and checks.

Selena Kept arguing with Yolanda about the missing documents. Selena, not wanting anymore troubles, announced to Saldivar that she's dismissed from her businesses. Selena then walked to the door, Saldivar feared to be dismissed and sue in court, takes a gun out of her purse, points it at Selena and shoots once hitting the upper right side of her back. Bleeding and petrified, Quintanilla ran to the lobby of the motel. According to Rosalinda Gonzales, assistant manager at the motel, and Ruben Deleon, sales Director at the motel, Selena arrived to the lobby yelling: "Help me, help me! I've been shot!." The twenty-three years old woman asked them to call 9-1-1 and slowly laid herself on the floor. A puddle of blood formed. The employees asked Selena who shot her and she replied: "Yolanda in room 158".

Minutes later she was taken to the hospital to only be declared as "clinically death". She lost a great proportion of blood and, as a result, she also lost consciousness along with her life.

Yolanda Saldivar was sentenced to life-in-prison for the murder of Selena Quintanilla Perez. Yolanda is currently serving this sentence in the correctional of Gatesville, Texas since 1995.

Seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years pass by but the memory of Selena will always stay fresh within her fans.

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The Great young one RIP Selena | Reviewer: Trecia | 7/12/14

I will always love and remember selena. I'm from. The. Caribbean country call jamaica.I always love her music and love how she does her thing on stage. I even. Learnt her songs in English so I know both Spanish n English version. She was born on my month hence more love. She will never never be forgotten for me. I still listen to her songs after all these years since her passing. I hope that bitch rot in prison.

life without you | Reviewer: baby girl | 7/3/14

Even thow I never knew you but I wish I had. I don't understand Spanish but if I did I would have enjoyed your music I think you were and is a beautiful young women.

my singer Selena | Reviewer: alicia | 3/7/14

selena nothing is so true and heart broking as her songs that she sings ya some people may be young like me but they probley go and listen to her songs for advice. now people older than me would listen and remember what the actuall life experence they had when they meet selena. i dream that i could meet her because she is amayzing

little angel | Reviewer: flori | 1/30/14

selena I know im not Mexican but I really really really love your songs and I want to be with you in heavean I wish I was like you me and my friends never ever can`t stop listening to you I even love the movie its happy and sad ,well to finish I really really really really really iove u so much

Selena | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/13/14

I had a essay due for school, and we had to write about who I wanted to make a statue for and why they deserved it. I choose Selena, and I got 100. I ask my grandmother about her, and it turns out to be, my grandma was a huge fan. My whole family on my dad's side speaks Spanish so we all love Spanish music. Both my grandparents were fans of her, and I am one now. I know she is not here but you can still be a fan. I love Selena and can't wait to see her in heaven.

AN ANGEL | Reviewer: AA | 10/27/13

Well I'am just 11 years but I know somuch about you, iff you were here i would tell you the best person you were. I really enjoid your movie it was so nice how you sing I hope that when I get dyied I see you there with god and my family. Love you one Mexican person. Soy mexicana y creo que fuiste asombrosa.

Sad.... | Reviewer: Alena | 10/24/13

I didn't know much about Selena. I wonder what she was like as a person. Everyone said she was an angel. She seemed very sexual on stage. Was she sexually abused? I do hope she made it to Heaven.

the moments of my love life of singing with selena | Reviewer: christinealvarez | 10/17/13

to all the moments i have spent with selena and her group i enjoyed her happiness and her character of her feeling natural and being tough with her goals of life with the father she had to respond with good influence and with all the respect her dad showed to hes children for coming out to be what they needed to earn to survive and to the grups she had were out standing to my knowledge i enjoyed dancing with her and singing with her and going to all her concerts near my town and to remember the moments at the club kneels and diamonds in byran texas sh was superbed in what she wore the spanird looking velvet teal green shorts and her hair putt up into a bonnet and her voice clear to hear and to make her fans enjoy the night and the place looked like a western saloon it was awesome my moments taht night i danced the night away the girl dressed up like a cow girl blk and white pocki dottes and blk jeans with boots remember the satisfaction we recieved that night and getting her t shirts and cds that same night we all ate at a resturaunt down town in bryan texas with the all sweted that night and had a wonderful moment with my kin folks from bryan the following morning we all had pan dulce coffee menudo tacos de barbacoa enchiladas and unos tacitos de rez y una jarritos de tomar y aqua de orchata y sodas to remember that night it was awesome and we all felt good and the cozy moments of being a familiy de la raza mexicana coming home to our parents and feeling the love we all shared with each other and having a familiy gathering for every occasion y to who was to know while me and my cuzins were dancing at my grandmothers house on 1708 west main st in cameron texas the whole family was raised in the same block we enjoyed or movements in dancing singing that our family brought us to do and we all so have two groups in our band los camaroncitos y los scorpiones which it had been changed to another name my sister was in charged of the group until there was an incodent in there family to where they tryed to vanish her she is a teachers sub and loves people we all ways sticked with her ability that she learned to speak sign language & to help the people from mexico and all occasions and she was a photographer and so was i stucked with it for 17 yrs and my videos that was business to maintain my family and i worked in micro tech lab at scott and white i was a teachers sub all so and i traveled to mexico to help the poor and to stay there for the month to be with my family and friends me and my sisters have spent with on all occasions for for and with my parents to succeed to what we worked for by our hands to care for others love others and respect others we sicked with each other on all hard times and to make our children succeed like the way daddy thaught us and to my friend who i love dearly and miss i hope some day we see each other again . i all so go to church while my father and and hes brother david use to play guitar that my father damon corona he still does and he was a farmer in hes ranch who shared moments and history with hes brothers and sister and the rest of the family i hope that my fathers dream comes true he would like to move back to the farm with the rest of cantus burlesons macalls alvarez and the calks and the other family we are trying to move them closer to there mom (martinez and luckys and all so the lopez the raised and to remember the generation passed on to our children two young men who crossed over while they were 7 to 11 yrs old my grand father and hes wife who made there dreams come true to see to hes children to have some of the things my father earned and still hes been trying to pull through for us girls and hes son to our generation mascalero apaches & aztecas in our blood and we are proud to the generation and my mother the director brought us up to be good little girls and boy she was our mother and father while daddy worked to make the living my brother was small we were raised in a tiny home 2 bed room restroom kitchen living room and a hall way and in he
back a little shed in a burgandy home and my parents living in there and every end of weekend we were happy to go to the ranch to be with our grandparents pauline corona and guadalupe corona brothers home she has two brothers that have business as air condition mike flores and josie flores who worked as nurse to lvn and marshall flores and hes wife susie are electrician and my father who worked for the railroad tracks an long with my uncle fellip lopez and hes wife gloria lopez who sanged with the group she was awesome and i followed along enjoyed my singing as a child and all ways wanted to record and i have a song that i came up with while i was in the shower . i have two sons who makes homes for all occasions due to katrinas hurricane is where they one started and showed hes brother and the other son of mine who has a family of teaching the deaf hearing impaired due to hes disability. and they all help the comunity started and my fathers brothers david lupe demas david and there sister who is house wife . who had two parents who were immagrants to raise there children to suceed and i bought us a 3 1/2 acers of land so my children can live in it due to the jealous people surrounding that did not want us to suceed to the labor on construction to my white house i pray every day . its wonderful to be raised by to parents that worked hard for the living to attend to our grandchildren and great grandchildren to the thanks of our grandparents the flores and the riveras who we believed in helping sharing and to show the beauty of having a home with the family and friends and we all so had a resturaunt i hope you like my life story and to the rest i will keep intact to know more detailes to our family histoy and to tell you me and my baby sister we have walked the relays for cancer societys for our family and friends y por la comunidad que ella tambien trabaja por el scott and white de salvar vidas como yo ahora tengo una nena y ella tambien que cantan y quero tu opoyo por la belleza que mi nena y sobrina asen por asernos sentir la alegria en casa chow asta luego carinos cuidasen en caminos y casa mucho amor christine alvarez corona who i enjoyed being with selena who was my idol and best friend that understood me when we met . love yall arriba mexico y latinos de estado unidos muchos rezos por las lenguas llenos de lumbres de colores se partio de descansar entre nosotros todo lo que se llena esta sentido de palabras buenas de canciones y por luchar los trabajos que dios les dio por sigur adelante lleno del santa espiritual por amigos y familias amor amor amor mi corazon perdido . por donde estas siempre te amo . es mi cancion carino mio eres la luz de mi alma tus ojos tus manos de tocar mi piel y de lavantar mis brazos de que soy mujer de hora que tu querias ver por sigur este mundo de tener el amor que corazon carga por ti amor mio te amo i hope you enjoy this verse from my heart . to my friends and family

selenas legacy | Reviewer: deondra | 9/30/13

Selena was one of the most influential latin artists of our time.such an individual role model who inspired and represented hopes and dreams of millions of fans who collectively identifed with her. andselenas legacy lives on ,iin our vherims on ,in our cherished memories and in everyone that has beentouched been ny her music .

i miss her with many falling tears | Reviewer: denise | 7/21/13

My heart beats wit great joy n fills up wit love n tears fills my eyes.all I keep askn myself is why to da jealous old wrinkled monster?Wy couldn't u make ur own music? I hope every second in a minute,dat u are regrettingwat u took away from millions of pep n shattered so many hearts. If I was a cente,I wld not dare look ur way.she didn't hate u but day devil dadat devil sure used u to get u in jail for other many things u have done in da past n it tuk u to kill her which is disturbing for u to finally go to jail. U have no reason to shed a tear bcuz u do not know wat friendship is. U monster. Selena,iiii love u n miss ur voice. U wur 4 yrs older din me.ur beauty make me get filled wit Joy n tears cuz I miss u as if u r my personal sister. RIP I love u as a. Mother love

Selena4life | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/11/13

The world was truly blessed the when she was born. She was truly an angel on earth. She touched so many hearts and then returned home. That beautiful and angelic smile and sweet and joyful personality will always be remembered. The world lost a very precious angel the day she died. The world became a much darker place after she was gone. May this beauty rest in peace. We love you Selena our one and only angel in our hearts forever

selenas singing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/15/13

selena is the best singer on earth. when selena started singing she was good even her dad aberham was so inperest they stated a band named selena y los denos and thats how selena became famous.these are all of selenas songs.como la flor bidi bidi bom bom no debes jogar amor porvtho la carcacha la llamanda fotos y requedos dreaming of you i could fall in love dime el chico del aprmeto

the way of selena!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: arianna pamela p.g | 6/7/13

I know that I was not born when she was alive or was still alive but i've heared her song on she's one of my hispanic roll models.I saw the movie for the first time today and it was sad and amazing .I wish I could follow in her footsteps but also stay in school because in the book it said she was engaged with leaning. I LOVE SELENA !!!!!!!!!

selena 4ever | Reviewer: cielo | 5/16/13

selena is my role modele she will live in me 4ever and no matter what selena will live because she was a jehovas witness just like me aand me and her will live in paridis 4ever
luv u selena >3333

why? | Reviewer: ad | 4/8/13

selena i listen and watch your movie every night i think it is good that the women who shot you is in jail i love you i want you to know that your in a safe place with god he missed you and now we do i prey and wish for you i wish for a shooting star so i could wish for you but your gone i just want you to know we love you and i always love to make songs some are even for you and i also listen to your music r.i.p selena

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