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He would see faces in movies, on T.V., in magazines, and in books....
He thought that some of these faces might be right for him....And
through the years, by keeping an ideal facial structure fixed in his
mind....Or somewhere in the back of his mind....That he might, by
force of will, cause his face to approach those of his ideal....The
change would be very subtle....It might take ten years or so....
Gradually his face would change its' shape....A more hooked nose...
Wider, thinner lips....Beady eyes....A larger forehead.

He imagined that this was an ability he shared with most other
people....They had also molded their faced according to some
ideal....Maybe they imagined that their new face would better
suit their personality....Or maybe they imagined that their
personality would be forced to change to fit the new appear-
ance....This is why first impressions are often correct...
Although some people might have made mistakes....They may have
arrived at an appearance that bears no relationship to them....
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They may have picked an ideal appearance based on some childish
whim, or momentary impulse....Some may have gotten half-way
there, and then changed their minds.

He wonders if he too might have made a similar mistake.

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shape shifting | Reviewer: Jim | 7/15/11

Why this song confuses some is confusing. It's clear, and about someone changing their shape by force of will to fit an ideal chosen from images seen in the outside world. It may take years. It seems most people may have done this. It seems some do this, and regret the change.
And seen and not seen may mean many things.

And Talking Heads have turned this into a fantastically sparse yet melodious song, a dreamy few minutes where you hear without listening Byrne's impersonal description of how we all change our images to the point where what is seen is not us.

So put bluntly: a critique of consumerism destroying self.

Under-rated? | Reviewer: cmto | 4/27/08

One of those bands acknowledged as brilliant but yet still maybe not as appreciated as they should be? There are a few of those.
I've seen them mentioned when favourite bands comes up as a topic on forums and they are well received whenever I've mentioned them to friends.
More fans than you realise? I didn't appreciate them as much when I was younger but having rediscovered them now, listening to their stuff a lot recently, they were great.
BTW, I have a notion as to what this song is really about - and it's a topic they may have written about more than once.

Most people are to dull to | Reviewer: Mike Greezy | 4/17/08

appreciate the brilliance of a band like the Talking Heads... It's sad really... And the few people that do claim to like them have only heard or seen "Stop Making Sense," which, as brilliant as it is, does not fully encompass the band's wide variety of musical knowledge and experimentation. And if it weren't for the Talking Heads, Radiohead would not be what they are today... and that thought really scares me, because they are my favorite band... It occurs to me however, that no one will ever read this, so I guess I'm done..

Wow | Reviewer: Jerry Harrison's cousin's aunt's uncle's room mate's mailman's dog's caretaker's friend's baker's sister | 1/28/08

This might qualify as THE weirdest song in history... I mean, it's about a guy who can control anyone's looks by thinking hat enough... David Byrne sounds like a drone, and the creepiest thing would have to be those planetary 80's synth effects. Bravo, Talking Heads. You have baffled me, again, and still remained my favorite band. It's sad no one today knows of their existence. Reminds me of the time I tried to introduce the album, "True Stories" to my friend. "WHAT THE F*** WAS THAT?!". (It was actually funny because to see how she would react, I put on "Remain in Light" and played only the crappy B-Side...)
I ( Y ) Davis Byrne.
\ /

I can't believe | Reviewer: Brad Lambert | 12/31/07

there are no other reviews for Seen and Not Seen. Possibly my favorite Talking Heads song.
The word hypnotic is often used to describe certain TH songs but none come close to this one.

..This is why first impressions are often correct..


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