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Ozzy Osbourne See You On The Other Side Lyrics

Last updated: 01/09/2014 05:18:23 AM

Voices, a thousand, thousand voices
Whispering, the time has passed for choices
Golden days are passing over, yeah

I can't seem to see you baby
Although my eyes are open wide
But I know I'll see you once more
When I see you, I'll see you on the other side
Yes, I'll see you, I'll see you on the other side

Leaving, I hate to see you cry
Grieving, I hate to say goodbye
Dust and ash forever, yeah

Though I know we must be parted
As sure as stars are in the sky
I'm gonna see YOU when it comes to glory
And I'll see you, I'll see you on the other side
Yes I'll see you, I'll see you on the other side

Never thought I'd feel like this
Strange to be alone, yeah
But we'll be together
Carved in stone, carved in stone, carved in stone

Hold me, hold me tight, I'm falling
Far away. Distant voices calling
I'm so cold. I need you darling, yeah

I was down, but now I'm flying
Straight across the great divide
I know you're crying, but I'll stop you crying
When I see you, I see you on the other side
Yes. I'll see you. See you on the othe(r) side
I'm gonna see you. See you on the other side
God knows I'll see you, see you on the other side, yeah

I'll see you. See you on the other side
I'm gonna see you. See you on the other side
God knows I'll see you, see you on the other side, yeah
I wanna see you, yeah, yeah, yeah, see you on the other side
God knows I'll see you, see you on the other side, yeah
I'm gonna see you. See you on the other side

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Randy Rhoads | Reviewer: Ericka | 1/9/14

every time I listen to this, I feel as though he is singing to his greatest guitarist, Randy Rhoads, and just knowing he probably is and Randy can hear it makes me cry when I listen to it and think of the great Randy Rhoads. Rest in eternal Peace Randy Rhoads.

A beautifully written song | Reviewer: Amy A | 7/18/13

My older brother Paul Atwood loved Ozzy and left this song as part of his suicide tape and signed his last letter to me with "see you on the other side". I miss him SO much and every time I hear this song I feel his spirit around me and remember the awesome times we shared.
I love you Paul! I know you and James are having fun over there and I look forward to seeing you both on the other side. <3

goodbye is not forever | Reviewer: shane | 6/15/13

I lost my only son Blake at the age of 20 in a car wreck on April 17th 2013. I wanted the perfect song to share with him but also wanted him to speak to the people that came to the funeral. In tribute I don't believe there is a more perfect song to say what the heart feels. if you are a believer then you know that we will see our loved ones on the other side. to anyone who has lost someone that is precious to them take comfort in knowing that this life is only temporary and we will be together with them again. I'll see you on the other side Edward Blake Simmons!

too all | Reviewer: ashley | 4/24/11

you know i heard this song from my cousin and every since i heard this i know that death is painful an i have tons and tons of friends and loved one so mine will be bad but i know i want this played at mine. so i want everyone to know its gonna be ok and ill see them on the other side XOXOX

Signs | Reviewer: Lessie | 10/20/10

The day after my sister, (really an aunt only 4yrs older) passed away from cancer, I was on my way home, which was also her home town and driving her car, praying for God to send me some kind of sign everything was going to be ok. The radio was on a channel she listened to but I wasn't really listening when all of a sudden the chorus, "See you on the other side" caught my attention. I had never heard the song before and have not heard it on the radio since...I nearly had to pull off the road. GOD can use anything to get our attention and answer our prayers. Thank you for writing this song.

crazykv | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/1/09

Can there be a better song written about death than this? Like most of his slower tracks, the music arrangement is simple (yet, very haunting and compelling). And the emphasis is mainly on the vocals (lyrics included). Zack does a neat job yet again. Zack and Ozzy do compliment each other very well. This is my favourite song of Ozzy's after Mr Crowley. One get's the feeling of sinking into a bottomless abyss listening to this song. Drifting and fading away into oblivion but, not before assuring that you part only to meet again.

For everyone I love | Reviewer: FS | 3/29/09

I listen to this song whenever I think of all the beautiful memories I had in left for my past seventeen years. Even though I miss certain moments and people, I know ill see them on the other side. I know my first love, who I will always truly remember will be there. This song gives me hope and confidence to face something beautiful at the end.

Loss | Reviewer: Deanie | 1/21/09

I lost my only brother Luke when he was 28. He was a musician who loved life and people. This song speaks to my soul and provides hope and promise for our eternal meeting on the other side. For now he lives on in me...I can't wait to see you Luke on the other side!!

its not how you died... | Reviewer: RT | 8/15/08

vlad makes a good point, its really not at all how you died. Its that you lived a good life and positively infulenced and inspired those around you in your lifetime. Death shouldnt be a sad occasion...after all, you'll see em on the other side.

to all are loved ones | Reviewer: vlad | 7/3/08

when ever i think of yhe ppl i have lost in the past i can always put this on and listen to the words we all have shared through out our lives,the pain the laughter, the hopes and dreams, most of all the reason for death and how beautiful it is as much as the birth of a child. lets all remember happiness is what we get out of life and pain is just a small price to pay to get it. so go down that road to no where find yourself. and ill see you on the otherside.